Rant on pricing

I was browsing the jewelry section on etsy a few days ago. I guess I never really paid attention to what people are charging for their jewellery, but wow – a lot of sellers (are you?) are selling themselves short. To the point of – why bother? I’m seeing necklaces with a pendant on a sterling silver chain for under $20, sterling based earrings with a fair amount of detail (work/time) for under $15, and this goes on and on.  And I’m not talking about really cheap quality materials either. The ones I’m ranting about, have a fair amount of time consuming details, …

Patina tips

I’ve recently read about a couple different methods for patinas – I have have not yet tried these, but I’m hoping to do some tests with them in the next few days. 1) The elusive  (for me anyway) verdigris finish on copper. This is a new one – 1) Spray your piece with vinegar. 2) sprinkle salt on your piece. 3) Suspend your piece in a container with about a 1″ of ammonia in the bottom. Your piece should not touch the ammonia. This method supposedly creates the blue/green finish in about 24 hours.   I will post results as soon as I …

Beau Anderson–Registration Deadline this Friday!

The registration deadline for Beau Anderson’s Freedom Through Flamework is this Friday, May 7th. This is a great opportunity to take a fabulous class with an extremely talented flamework instructor! If you are planning on taking both part 1 and 2 you better hurry, there are only 2 spaces left! Here are some more photos of his work. Check out the site for the full description on each of these classes; they are intensive and detailed! http://www.beadfx.com/classes/schedule-05-2010.jsp Hope to see you there.

Rhinestone Lizard

Like a rhinestone lizard I’ll cover anything ya got with enough bling to make it glowLike a rhinestone lizard if its not moving fast enough, it’s gonna get stoned, ya knownext Imma gonna bling up yer phone with apols to Glen Campbell. Big apologies. This is another sight we saw at Swarovski. A Rhinestone iguana. Kewel, eh? I think it could have used a custom-made lampwork eye, though, don’t you agree?

Eye Candy: Lampwork: Trey Cornette

Some serious eye candy here – Lampwork beads by Trey Cornette. Could also be called – awesome use of twisties and stringer! For the non-lampworkers out there, stringer is really skinny rods of glass that you make yourself from thicker rods for doing fine detail work. They are tricky to use, because by the time you get them hot enough to melt, they are then almost immediately too hot to control, and just melt into blobs. Fine scrolling lines are hard. Twisties are patterned glass rods that you make yourself with various colours twisted together. The tricky part of these …