Tools have arrived!

Eleven, count ’em, eleven biiiig heavy boxes arrived today. Almost 700 pounds of tools and other stuff. The UPS guy was NOT pleased. But you will be – because a lot of the tools that we were out of stock on, have arrived at last. Chasing hammers, beaders tool kits, punches, anvils, steel shot, steel ring mandrels, third hands and lotsa other tools and supplies. So come on down to the store and grab them before they disappear again.

Inspiration Fridays

We’ve got a couple creations to show this week! Both were inspired by last weeks sea/crab pic Andree made this fabulous bracelet. I love this! I made a metal clay, and fine silver bail for a couple lampwork beads I made recently. Although I didn’t make them specifically for this project, I think they fit in quite nicely. Then, I attached some twisty fine silver wire that was balled up on both ends. If you have made anything, but haven’t yet had a chance to submit it yet (not done yet). That’s ok, feel free to send it whenever it’s …