The Business Chat – HST Part Two

There seems to be some confusion about this HST stuff so I thought today that I’d take another kick at it. The government has several websites with all the appropriate information on them. They are clear as mud. I have had very good luck with the people manning the phones at 1-800-959-5525. Just press buttons until you find a human, they know what they’re talking about. On a bead forum the other day there were several discussions about collecting tax. Let me say this loud and clear: artist made goods are NOT exempt from HST or in provinces without the …

Store Closed Monday

Just to remind you – the store is open regular hours Saturday and Sunday but closed Monday for Simcoe Day. However, as usual, the ever vigilant computers will remain alert and attentive and await your shopping pleasure on the Monday. Store closed, online open for the Holiday Monday. 😉