What’s she playing with now?

  You may be asking yourself – what on earth is she going to do with copper pipe, and a pipe cutter? Those of you who have read Stephanie Lee’s Semiprecious Salvage know exactly what I’m going to do. For those who haven’t – stay tuned next week!  I’m very excited 🙂 Last week, I posted the very sad story of the flooding in my basement, and the complete ruin of a metal clay project I was working on. Once I finished crying of course – I started fresh. Fortunately, on one of my walks with the girls – we …

How pumpkin pies are made

One of our lovely customers sent us this Thursday funny. I’m still working on my first coffee, and it took me a minute to ‘get it’.  Putting my glasses or contacts on would have helped too 😉 Thanks Sharon!