Wire Wrapping a Briolette

As promised in the inspiration yesterday – I tried to take some pics of the process of wire wrapping a briolette.  I think the following instructions should help out those with some wire wrapping skills – If you have any questions – as usual, feel free to ask away. I’ll clarify as much as I can.

A Crafty Weekend

There is quite a bit happening this weekend – those of you leaning towards the crafty side, are probably quite excited to be heading down to the Creativ Festival. Our very own Stephanie Dixon will be there as a Swarovski Ambassador. We also have Micheal David Sturlin in the house this weekend – Dwyn is just itching to take his classes this weekend – can you tell we’re just a little excited? For those of you attending one or the other – enjoy!  I will apologize in advance for my somewhat lame blog posts tomorrow and Friday – last week …

Try These

Are you looking for something new to try your hands on? These two classes have a twist, and will get you working on new and unique jewellery. String Me CoilsLearn to make a necklace with a mix of coils and beads, thanks to the coiling gizmo. Tues Oct 26th, 6-9PM Leafy Waterfall NecklaceThis necklace mixes sterling silver chain with sterling wire. Learn how to hammer and shape wire into a beautiful pattern as part of a centre piece for a necklace. And of course, add an assortment of beads. Monday Oct 25 6-9PM Adios Amigas!

New Toy – Rhinestone Press

You might think that we here at beadFX are just about beads. Well – until you spend more than 30 seconds on the website that is. Then you might think we are all about jewelry. But – we have our sparkly magpie eyes on other sparkly stuff. Rhinestones. Hot Fix Rhinestones on clothing and fabric, as a matter of fact. We just got a rhinestone press delivered, and so I’m trying to exercise some restraint, but really – right now I’m itching to cover everything in rhinestones. This press is soooo easy to use, and so fast and painless – …

The Joy of Metal Clay – Fast Fire Bronzclay – Part 1

I finally managed to get my hands on some of the Metal Adventures Fast Fire BronzClay! I have heard mixed reviews about this new product. So I created a variety of test pieces and will let you know how it works for me. Today will be Part 1 – How it handles. What is Fast Fire BronzClay? To update everyone, Metal Adventures is one of the original makers of premixed bronze clay. Their original BronzClay took a long time to fire (5-9 hours, total firing time due to the need to ramp your kiln slowly). This new version, reportedly, takes …

The Business Chat – Newsletters Part 2

The main point from last week’s post was that it is not the customer’s job to stay in touch with you – it is your job to stay in touch with the customer. The secondary point was that a newsletter is an excellent way of staying in touch. Starting a newsletter can be a daunting process especially if you’re not that confident as a writer. Or maybe you have a newsletter that isn’t quite doing its’ job and it needs a bit of sparking up. Today we’ll talk about 10 steps to building a winning newsletter that everyone will be …

Maple Keys

I’ve been working on these maple keys for quite some time now. The girls and I collected a huge bag of them from the soccer field near our house.  These are made from reclaimed metal clay made into paste. You can certainly buy paste, but if you’ve been working with metal clay for an extended period of time, you tend to accumulate a lot. Scrap bits of clay, projects that didn’t work out as planned, silver dust from working – All of this can be saved up. To make your own paste, break down your clay into small bits, and …

Not having a lot of luck

Lol! I’ve just spent the past two hours working on finishing up a project to show you today, and got all of the pictures done. I sit down to edit the pics, and write the blog post – no card reader. Where did it go? Check my computer in the studio, check hubby’s computer – nothing… sigh – I’ll be back later tonight once I get hubby to bring it back from his office.  I made some really awesome silver maple key’s with reclaimed metal clay. Always save your scraps!

Where did she go?

I’m still alive 🙂 Sorry for my lack of posts last week. I’ve been out of commission with some sort of bug. Hopefully, I’ll be back with more posts for you tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to satisfy a sweet tooth – and we’re beaders, I know you we all have a sweet tooth. Make a cupcake, Magnolia Bakery style.  Personally, I own a copy of the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook  – and I have to say every single recipe I’ve tried is fantastic.  The peanut butter cup cookies were by far the favourite so far. 🙂

Pan Chang Knot and Chevron Chain

Here are two awesome classes to look forward to next week: Pan Chang Knot: The Pan Chang Knot is a type of Chinese Knot. Learn to make colourful, unique knotted jewellery with semi-precious beads (or any beads you like) and cords. Chevron Chain : Create a band of chevron chain with a crystal accent. Create a sleek elegant band or mix up the colours for a more fun and funky look.Enjoy!