Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday everyone! We’re taking a bit of a break from our regular Inspiration Friday posts to show off what we’re working on for the holidays. We’re all far too busy at this time of year to even think about creating something for no particular reason at all. At least I am… And I don’t want to hear from any of you who got all of their Christmas shopping finished in October – and now enjoying the holiday season sipping wine, or eggnog every night. 😉 Nathalie sent us in some pieces from her artfire shop that she made up …

Yet another epic time waster

Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday. Kids brought home yet another flu from School. 🙂 Dwyn sent me this link last week. Now for all of you Science geeks – you’re going to love this! Zooniverse – Real Science online Classify galaxies, spot explosions in the Sun, and catch an exploding star. You have been warned….a time waster of epic proportions 🙂 Inspiration Friday post coming up soonish!