DIY Jewellery Holder

As beaders we tend to amass exorbitant quantities of jewellery. Even if you are selling most of your stuff, you must keep some. I find a jewellery box just doesn’t cut it for me. I can’t see it, my necklaces and earrings get all tangled up.  A while back, I picked up a frame from homesense that has a foam core of some kind, and accepts pushpins. It was on sale for $5.00 and perfect for my bedroom. I need another one though, and was looking for some ideas online on how to make one. Spend some time doing a …

Eye Candy

I found a link to KuklaStudio the other day from another website. You must check out this artists work! The wirework alone is enough to be enamored with – but she also combines that wirework with a gorgeous stained glass effect resin.  There are so many pieces I would love to own – too bad I need to think about other people right now…maybe hubby is reading 🙂 if so – love the dragonfly, the moon, and the grass leaf earrings…hint, hint, hint 🙂