The Business Chat – Store Buyers

OK, so now you’ve all put together your new LINES for your collection and you want to get these into a store. Excellent. First, find a store. Not just any old store, it must be a store where your work will fit in and where you think your work will sell. If you have a store in mind the best thing you can do is to actually visit the establishment anonymously and see if you can picture your work in there. Are you and the store a good fit? If you are making base metal steampunk jewelry perhaps a high …

So much for Inspiration Friday this week!

It’s been one of my busiest weeks. ever.  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday – and of course I have nothing this week for Inspiration Friday. My studio has been pretty much off limits this week while I finish up some important tasks….maybe next week 🙂 I did read a particularly amusing post over on Art Bead Scene  – If you work from home/are self employed – I think you’ll find it just as amusing! Have a fabulous long weekend for those of you lucky enough to get Monday off!

Submitting to Lark Books 500 Series

Lark Submissions 500 Rings Lark Jewelry is publishing an exciting new jewelry book in our “500” series, and we would like you to submit images for consideration. 500 Rings, to be juried by Bruce Metcalf, is second collection of juried rings in the 500 series. Following the widely popular 1000 Rings (Lark Books, 2004), this encore installment will be a 420-page, full color survey of contemporary rings created after 2000. This international collection will be beautifully presented and widely distributed throughout the world in Spring 2012. We welcome outstanding images of rings made from any materials and in all design …

Diane Time

It’s almost Diane Fitzgerald time! Diane Fitzgerald is an author and award winning jewellery designer. Her work has been featured in various beading magazines including Bead & Button. Courses are filling up. See full course schedule below. March 9, Moorish Tile Beads March 10, Gingko Leaf Necklace March 11, African Circle Stitch and Butterfly Necklace March 12, Crystal Helix Bracelet and Flowerette Bracelet Also, Diane will be presenting a lecture on Fads and Trends in Beadwork at the next Toronto Bead Society meeting, March 9th. See their website for more details. Finally, if you are looking for something fun to …

Getting Organized

I found these instructions for folding little origami boxes – and I thought – how cool is that? You could make custom boxes for your jewelry, or your beads – or if you do craft shows – to display in. Wish I’d seen this when I still did craft shows! Easy Origami Boxes and if you want lids – same idea – just adjust this size a little. Sorry this is short – my back is killing me – typing is agony.

The Joy of Metal Clay – Portable studio

I am often at a loss when it comes to organizing. This weekend I have taken on the challenge of organizing my studio and possibly letting go of some of the stuff I have been holding on to (because you never know when you might need it). Reorganizing and getting rid of stuff is always a challenge but I realized that I primarily use the stuff that is in my portable kit that I take when I travel and teach. It took me a while to figure out but I ended up taking this old Art Bin (I bought a …

The Business Chat – jewelry vocabulary

It’s another slow sales time of year so we’re back to working ON the business rather than IN the business. That combined with having just written our 2011 business plan (you did write a plan didn’t you?) means that it’s time to tackle how to sell our work for the next few posts. Even if you don’t want to quit your job and make this into your full-time occupation you still have to sell your work. Work costs money to make. Do you know how much you have invested in your craft bench? Do you track your expenses? Wouldn’t it …

Inspiration Friday

With a new year, how about we make a few little changes to our Inspiration Friday posts? This year, you pick your inspiration reference! There are lots of places to find inspiration. Photo’s, magazines, fabric, nature, patterns, textures…Have a really good look at the little things around you, and make something – anything at all. The whole point is to get you out of your comfort zone, and experiment with new beads, materials, found objects, ephemera – anything you can find! We’d love to see what you come up with. Send us a picture of your new creation, along with …

Inspiration Friday

Hi all, My Inspiration Friday post will be coming up later tonight. If you have anything to show off this week, please send it to sometime today. Cheers, Jennifer

Pantone Spring Color Report

Just in case you missed it – The Spring color report is out. You can download a PDF version here With stunning colours such as Honeysuckle, Peapod, Coral Rose, and Blue Curacao – It’s easy to get inspired. Hmmm, I really need to break out out of my brown faze 😉