Beading, Art Clay Classes and More

Here’s what’s coming up next week: February 6th to 12th A Little Bit of Everything with Rae HugginsFeb 86pm to 9pm Introduction to Art Clay Copper with Heather Bell DenisonFeb 1011am – 6pm How to Run a Successful Craft Show with Catherine WinterFeb 106pm – 9:15pm Basic Bead Crocheting with Amy Waldman-SmithFeb 1210am – 1pm Adios Amigas!

The beadFX Buyer in Tucson

I meant to blog yesterday, but as usual for the first full day in Tucson, I hit the Gem Mall running, overshopped and under-hydrated and ended up with a killer headache. You have to have water with you ALWAYS as it’s very dry here and we Canadians are just not used to that. Now that I’ve been coming here for several years and have learned the lay of the land, so to speak, I can cover the territory much more quickly. The Gem Mall and the neighbouring Holidome are two of the larger shows in Tucson and I use them …