The Joy of Metal Clay – Metal Clay Artist Magazine

Good news at BeadFX, they are now carrying Metal Clay Artist Magazine. A proudly Canadian conceived magazine started by Jeanette LeBlanc, Canadian Metal Clay Artist at the helm. This magazine was debuted at the Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago in 2009 and has grown with international contributions and includes articles in French as well. This month’s magazine is featuring Sterling Silver Clay!!! Find out more at It is a great source of inspiration and ideas. Stop by the store and pick up a copy. Enjoy! Heather

The Business Chat – Custom Work how to’s

Today I had not one but two separate Kleenex conversations with fellow designers. Both were in tears due to nasty falling outs and disputes with customers over the same problems – custom projects that had gone wrong. In both cases all the nastiness could have been avoided, that was the part that had me wringing my hands.Custom work can be an easy and lucrative source of income for any maker. It’s especially nice because unlike making work for shows it doesn’t require any outlay of money on your part up front. You have a guaranteed sale. Where it can go …