Next Week at beadFX: 2 News Classes and More Fun Beading

Here’s what’s coming up next week at beadFX: Rings and Bling with Robert Burton June 27 6 to 9pm Wiggley Wire Frame Necklace with Malliga Nathan *NEW* June 28 6 to 9pm Boho Boro Drops Necklace with Malliga Nathan *NEW* June 29 6 to 9 pm Our July schedule is out and on our website. See what’s coming up in the month of July. Adios Amigas!

It Never Gets Old

I’ve been doing some cleaning and sorting and tidying – and I found a box of beads. Ok, no surprise there. Instore, we have little packages of random bead mixes called “Auntie Gwen’s Bead Soup.” These are made up from odds and ends and left-overs from packaging. You get some really good stuff in there. It used to be that the person that put these little bags of goodies together was me. I had a box of bags and labels and a scoop and I would sit at the dining room table, sometimes assisted by friends, and we would make …