Art from unusual materials

Do you incorporate any unusual materials into your jewelry? Have a look at this gallery of images on Britain’s The Telegraph. Fascinating art created from everything from chewing gum, discarded hole punch dots, and an etch-a-sketch. Have you considered making jewelry not only to wear, but to also display as art? If you make or purchase an “art to wear” piece, it would seem a shame to leave it linger in a jewelry box. Other than a shadow box, does anyone have any ideas for display?

New This Week!

Blankety blank blank Fill in the blanks – yep – go ahead. You can fill them in, or file them or punch them or hammer them. You can texture them, glue on them, wire wrap, decoupage, collage. You can, in fact, do whatever metal heart desires. We have new blanks – and this new line is thinner than the old ones, in case you were finding those, nice as they are, a little hard to manipulate. These are also available in Copper, Brass and German Silver. German silver is a nickel alloy, by the way, harder than silver, but if …