A typo was made in the email version of our website update. Michael’s Prongs and settings class was listed as October 20th to the 22nd. The correct date range in the 22nd to the 23rd.  The website itself is correct, just the email was showing the incorrect dates.

New This Week!

Back to Glass Here we are – end of the summer fun. Back to school. 🙁 Yayyyy! Here we are – end of the relentless summer heat and the kids are going back to school!!!!!! 🙂 Yahoo! Whichever of those sentiments fits you best – well – it’s better to go with the positives – however you find them. I, for one, will not miss this summer’s brutal heat and humidity. While the kiddies and the teens – and yes – the university students too – are back to class – this week, we are back to glass – with …