Well, just cuz.

My planned blog posts for this week are delayed due to technical difficulties, and this silly human is just a little too excited about the Leah Fairbanks class tomorrow to concentrate on coming up with anything else 😉 I just happened on this one, so I went looking for more. Now we all know that kitty’s love to get in our beads. I can’t find any pictures! Nothing, nada. Weird. So how about I just make you all really, really hungry…..                                                                                Source: bakeitinacake.com via Nicole on Pinterest

New this Week!

Stamping Around Are you stamping around, looking for something to punch? Do you just want to flatten something, hit something with a hammer, or just make your mark? Well – have we got the update for you! A whole new “whack” of new metal stamps for you to hammer in the morning with. Or the evening, depending on your preference. Last week, we rolled out the heart stamps early – but this week, we have Circles Magical Astronomy And we have letter sets. A through Z plus “&” Typewriter (UPPERCASE) Typewriter (lowercase) Elegant script (lowercase) Playground (UPPERCASE) Modern Print (lowercase) …