Metal Clay Playday this coming Sunday

Hi all, We had planned to run a metal clay playday on Sunday October 2nd. I just heard from the store that no one has signed up yet, and we’re wondering if we should cancel it. It’s not too late just yet! If you’re interested in coming by – please call the store today to register. 416.701.1373 or 1.877.473.2323 Jen

Pssst…Hey! Wanna cute free blog?

So, this morning while I was forced to wait for something – I decided that I should redesign my blog….again.  I have a bad history with my personal blog. (not this one!) 1) I’m not so great at keeping it updated. I have great intentions, but updating it is always so far down the list of priorities. 2) Stupidly at some point I decided to go with a pay for use blog. I have no idea why I did that, but when it came time to renew recently, I was seriously wondering why I ever thought that was a good idea. I’m …