The Joy of Metal Clay: When shot gets dirty!

I just tumbled some silver metal clay pieces overnight last night to find all of my pieces completely black this morning!!!! Panic. Here are two of the pieces with black deposits on the front. I guess with the business of summer I had not cleaned my shot in a while. It was surprising to me how filthy it was and the horrific deposits on my beautiful silver. I took the shot out and put it in a colander with soap and washed and rinsed several times. I also cleaned to barrel with soap and water. Another way I rinse and …

The Business Chat – Your Right People

Imagine standing at a craft show and someone walks up, raves about how wonderful your work is and buys 4 items. 10 minutes later this happens again. You check your email and there’s another fan telling you how great your work is and buying a piece. Fabulous! If you could only find more of these people! These fans – your people – are your right people, they are your target market. By determining your target audience you will be better prepared to make decisions about which craft shows to book into, which online stores to set up, where to advertise, …


Art Glass Clay that is! Aren’t those just gorgeous? Paula Radke has refined Art glass clay to give a smoother appearance. I’m really looking forward to playing with the kit this weekend. I’m tempted to push aside some other work to play with it tonight….but no, I’ll be good and finish up the scheduled work first πŸ™‚ I can’t confirm the exact date, but I suspect we’ll be carrying this very soon! The Art Glass Clay comes in a ton of yummy looking colours as well.


A typo was made in the email version of our website update. Michael’s Prongs and settings class was listed as October 20th to the 22nd. The correct date range in the 22nd to the 23rd.  The website itself is correct, just the email was showing the incorrect dates.

New This Week!

Back to Glass Here we are – end of the summer fun. Back to school. πŸ™ Yayyyy! Here we are – end of the relentless summer heat and the kids are going back to school!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Yahoo! Whichever of those sentiments fits you best – well – it’s better to go with the positives – however you find them. I, for one, will not miss this summer’s brutal heat and humidity. While the kiddies and the teens – and yes – the university students too – are back to class – this week, we are back to glass – with …