The Business Chat – Building loyalty

Yay! I’m just back from a successful day at my booth in a busy show. Actually the show wasn’t that busy overall but my booth was! One of the reasons I was busy was that I had a lot of loyal customers coming back even though I’ve only done this show twice before and do no other shows in this city. Repeat customers are how you grow your business. Repeat customers spend more than first timers. This is because when they do come back, they feel they know you and they’ve become your fans. They trust your work, they understand …

Beading videos

Sigh – I did not in fact disappear off the face of the planet 😉 Lol, better late than never though. I’ve found some awesome video’s to help you with your holiday beading projects. It’s not too late to get started, and these projects make wonderful gifts. The next couple of projects would be extra special with lots of glittery Swarovski flatbacks glued on, or hotfix stones! This one I think would look best spray painted so that they don’t actually look like toilet paper rolls. 😉 Add lots of glitter and flatbacks too! Happy weekend crafting!