Shopping in the Big Apple

The sacrifices we make for you – you have no idea. Last week, we went to New York city to buy beads for you – knowing how busy you are and how getting away for a few days was just going to be out of the question. Come along with me and I’ll share the trip with you.  Here’s the Marginator – with her industrial strength bundle buggy – tested to at least 60 pounds of beads. She looks ready to shop till she drops. Only she doesn’t drop. Ever. I drop. She’s ready to shop till I drop. And …

Sale is Done!

Thank you for your support! Thank you for your help with the move! We are running a little bit behind with processing orders, but will have your beads on their merry way just as soon as we can!  Thank you for your patience and all the offers to help pack, and the cheery Christmas gifts of cookies! You are AWESOME!