Beaded Laughter

Just in case you’ve missed this – Sylvie Elise Lansdowne has created an absolutely hilarious blog called Beaded Laughter – inspired by the Handmade Ryan Gosling site. Beaded laughter features among others, Gerard Butler (can’t say I really notice the others), along with funny little quips for her friends. Love this, and it’s certainly moving over onto my daily reading list.

New this week

Tough Stuff — Duracoat & Iron Zebras Well, another year done, and a new one begun. Time to get tough with the year – get it off to a good start – don’t let it get away with anything. Tough Love. Delicas – Galvanize your creations with the new, improved Duracoat Galvanized Delicas. Duracoat is a new, more durable metallic coating for Delicas. In the past – the metallic galvanized coating has been subject to wearing off – or as the packages say “Subject to wear with friction.”  These new, uber-metallic beads promise to be more durable. And it’s tough …