Pictures from the move!

I have a few pictures that were shared on facebook yesterday from the team at Waterman. I am truly amazed at how quickly things are coming together. The staff and helpers are doing a fabulous job!  We are beyond excited about the new space. It’s HUGE!!!

News for this Week!

The move is ON! As of yesterday morning – the move is started! Well – actually – Monday night was the first stuff to go in – when I personally hand-carried the kilns over to the new facility – as I didn’t want them to go on the truck and get kicked around.  We are sooooo excited. Nervous – that we haven’t forgotten some huge show-stopping item – and exhausted. Woowhee – this is hard labour. Do you have any idea how much a shop full of glass beads weighs? I mean – a tiny little bead – doesn’t weigh …