Just one more day to Add some Fibre to your Jewelry Diet!

Mixed media is hot, and adding fibre techniques like knotting, kumihimo and materials like silk and felting to your jewelry expands your design options! We just re-organized to put our fibre arts items together, so you can find what you are looking for more easily. 20% off, ends Wed at midnight – don’t miss out! Crochet Tools Fairy Ribbon Felting Supplies Felting Tools Knitting Tools Miyuki Crochet Thread Silk Strings Soutache Swarovski Crystal Yarn Sale starts on Wed Midnight. and ends on Wed midnight. Items held in shopping cart will change price automatically at midnight.

It’s Summer! A Great Time to Relax and take a July Class!

Finally, we’ve hit summer! School is out, vacations have begun and it’s time to relax. No need to stop learning – come on out and take a class with us. Comfort alert – our classroom tends to be a little cold at times, so it’s always a good idea to bring a sweater or a light pashmina to put around your shoulders. We have some new classes during the first half of July – Tracey Neidhardt is sharing how to make a beaded ring using brick stitch; Malliga Nathan is bringing us a necklace using hammered wire and Boro Swoop …