A big helping of Rizos, and a side dish of computer failure angst

This week’s update is late – well – the update is fine, it all happened on time because it was all prepared ahead of s45019 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Pastel Lilatime. But the actual writing about it is late. Late for the first time in 15 years. But, it’s just beads, you know. No one died, nobody’s private data got compromised, the website s45024 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Turquoise Azuroand the inventory systems are just fine, thank you. The big picture is – the only person truly inconvenienced is me. I – however – am contemplating moving into a tent and living off the grid at an undisclosed address in the middle of a field. At least until the winter drives me back home. Sigh. Why does losing your computer feel like losing a part of your life?

The green revolution created more productive strains of rice that helped to feed the world, and the shaped seedbead revolution created more shapes of seedbeads for you to play with, including bushels of ricey Rizos.

We have a rainbow of 95 new colours from Crystal clear, Chalk White Shimmer, Matte Jet, Jet AB, Grey Lustre,

s45131 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Crystal s45038 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Chalk White Shimmer s45042 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Grey Lustre s45146 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Jet AB

– wait – you wanted Actual Colours? With, like, colour? Ok – how about Pastel Pink, Pastel Cream, Rose, Pastel Burgundy, Dark Turquoise Travertine … etc, etc!, etc!

s45044 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Lava Red s45065 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Hyacinth Opal AB s45107 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Corn AB
s45068 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Pastel Lime s45020 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Turquoise s45067 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Pastel Light Sapphire
s45036 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Pastel Bordeaux s45045 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Ancient Gold Iris s45119 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Magic Green

s45169 Firepolish - True 2 mm Faceted Round - Aqua Vitrail (strand 150)s45170 Firepolish - True 2 mm Faceted Round - Silver Plated (strand 150)
Would you like some more of the True 2 mm Firepolish to go with your seedbeads? These smaller than the old style of 2 mm firepolish are a nice accent and spacer bead for stringing, and small enough to add a little sizzle to your seedbead creations, without burning a hole in your credit card like crystals can.

So click on a link or image above, or check out all the new stuff here! And now you’ll excuse me – there is a nice little trailer listed for sale on Kijiji that might be a little more comfortable than a tent for my move off the grid … .

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