There’s nothing wrong with your beady status quo!

But it might be time to evaluate, just where you’re going, in 2016.  If you’re anything like me, you rarely make resolutions, but when I do, they are quite unstructured.  I do make plans, but most of them evolve and expand, naturally over time.  Ideas committed to paper, make me feel anxious and guilty, and no one needs that type of negativity in their life.  No guilt allowed, as it’s sure to mess with your creativity!  Loose plans, can always be adapted, to the changing nature of art, work and life.  Planning is a positive thing, and combined with goals, should always be realistic and attainable.  But don’t forget to build in some ‘stretch’ room, because growth is never really supposed to be easy.

Now it’s time to jump off my soapbox!  My plans for this year, involve a new awareness, of where I would like to take my work.  I’ll continue to expand my mixed media base, but also want to reach back into the past, and include more fibre (of the textile variety) in my life.  My plans involve the development of more bead embroidery, freeform peyote, and mixed media workshops, but I also feel the pull, to feed my soul with more personal artwork.  Where it fits with the business plan, I will share (via workshops), but if not, I promise that I’ll still blog about it.

To evolve, and expand my technique addiction, I recognize that I’ll need to participate in more workshops.  Fire, metal and enamel all fascinate me, but I’m certainly not ready to completely abandon my old favourites, for these new temptations!  So instead, I will take a few classes, and tentatively follow this new path.  These new tools, will be welcome additions, to an overflowing artistic toolbox!

I firmly believe that 2016 will be a growth phase for me, because if you’re not evolving, you’re standing still, and that can’t be good!  I want to focus more on freeform peyote, bead embroidery, 3-D, and sculptural techniques.  Mixing beads, with fibre, paper, resin, wire, metal and found objects, continues to fascinate me, so I’ll be sure to play with these in 2016!  Are some over-the-top statement necklaces in my future?  Of course, but keep in mind that I don’t wear all that much jewellery.   I might like to submit something to a magazine, but that’s what I would call a soft committment, so no promises!

 Now how about you?  Is your year already planned out in detail, or do you have room for something new?  Did you leave space for creativity, serendipity and growth?  Don’t worry if you don’t have big plans because small steps are often all you need.  Plan to learn something new, and expand your own creative toolbox!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the BeadFX website, is full of workshops and “Inspirations”.  Not local, no problem, as books and the Internet are available 24/7,  Just promise to keep us in mind, if you ever visit Toronto.  Enjoy a happy, healthy and creative 2016!


  1. Hi Anne Marie, thanks for sharing your plans for 2016. I like to review and reasses annually too. I have decided to learn more about fiber arts, starting with a stab at quilting. I'm expecting to incorporate beads and found objects in this journey too. As for jewellery making techniques, I too am fascinated by enamelling, so will continue taking workshops on that. I hope to focus more on loom work, beadweaving and wire work as these are always calling to me. I would like to put more emphasis on original designs in 2016. I'm know that doesn't sound focused, but there are some things I will spend less time on in 2016! Promise!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Gail! We do seem to be on similar paths. The only thing is, that we started at opposite ends, and now we're going to meet in the middle. They do say, that we all need more fibre in our diets, don't they? LOL! By the way, don't worry about focus, it will come!

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