Plan to reduce, reuse, recycle and create in 2017!

Although I do not make New Year’s resolutions, the words reduce, reuse, recycle and create, are ones that I’d like to adopt for 2017. Yes, I know that I already preach about reusing, recycling, and creating, but what’s all this reducing about? No, not the diet thing, but rather a conscious effort to reduce visible clutter!




Over the holidays, I decided that enough, was enough! It was time to start organizing the archeology dig, I call my studio/sewing room. The bags, boxes and storage totes, had obviously staged a coup, and there wasn’t any room for me to work comfortably. It was overwhelming! No, I’m not going to show you before photos (or even in-progress photos, because its not pretty!), but I will show you some treasures I found in the first level of my dig. Sure, I’ve been mainly working with beads, but can anyone tell me how I could possibly resist, cobwebby silk wrapped steel from Habu Textiles? Or how about all of that luscious hand dyed Perle Cotton, and floss? Or paper yarn? Have you ever heard of paper yarn? Wouldn’t all of that abundance, encourage you to create something wonderful? Of course, I’ve only just touched the surface, and we certainly won’t discuss my paper swap treasures, and all the tempting BeadFX goodies I found in that room, but I’m definitely in an organizing frame of mind! How about you?



There’s only so much a girl can do! What better way to clear my mind, than a brisk walk on the beach, on New Year’s Day? The cool winter sun was shining, the temperature was reasonable, the parking was impossible, and the kites were flying! All in all, a perfect day! I confess that I did pick up a few more treasures (yes, I am crazy, and my tetanus shot is up-to-date), but would you just look at them? They’re fabulous! In case you’re wondering, they’re currently residing on my balcony, so not really adding to the dig.






I’m not saying that I won’t be adding to my stash, as that would be silly (after all, I do work in a bead store)! However, I will try not to buy duplicates of items, that I already own. My pearls alone, are drool worthy, and definitely in need of some serious creative time. Bead embroidery is always a given for me, but I would like to incorporate more visible fibre into my future work. To that end, I joined a project called 1 Year of Stitches:2017 on Facebook, and below is my humble start! The base is a thrift shop, dinner napkin, that I purposely tea-stained (and have owned for several years). My rather loose plan, is to completely cover the piece with hand embroidery, bead embroidery, and embellishments. The beadwork may need to come later, unless I decide to ditch the hoop! I plan to share on both Facebook and Instagram. But wait! This is only one of the on-going projects that I’m going to attempt this year! The second and third, are only tiny fragments in my imagination right now, but I promise both will include beads, paper, and recycled fibre.



I have come to the conclusion, that to create effectively, I need to reduce and reuse items from my personal stash. Recycling will continue to be a part of my life, and you can expect to see some of my fibre and beachcombing finds, turned into viable projects, in the coming months. I plan to create some new workshops and adventures in 2017, and invite you to join me on my journey! Here’s to a rich, rewarding, and creative new year for each and every one of us!

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