InspirationFX: Fired Up Spikes

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Fired Up Spikes

by: Rochelle Kilmer

It’s Date Night!

And I needed something quick to go with that little black dress!
Red is a spicy colour and always adds a seductive pop!
Who doesn’t like a little spike to go with those Crystal Magma pumps!
A long dangle needs no necklace!


1) Cut your carnelian chain in half. Make sure to have a loop at each end.
2) Open a 9mm jumpring and place it in the hole of the Crystal Red Magma Spike. Close jumpring. Do this for the other spike.
3) Open a 3mm jumpring and loop to the 9mm jumpring/spike and a loop on the chain. Close jumpring. Do this with the other piece of chain and spike.
4) On the other end of the chain attach 2 – 3mm jumprings. On the second jumpring, before closing attach the loop on the stud earring post. Repeat for the other earring.

And your done!
5 minutes and a little red lipstick!



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