Follow your muse: You never know where she (or he) will lead you!

Now I didn’t really mean me, but rather the muse inside of you! You know, the one directs your creative self. Remember to follow your muse! Of course, if you still want to follow me, then that’s okay too!

follow your muse

When I say follow your muse, I mean that if your inner voice is telling you to do something, then run, not walk, and experience all that your creativity has to offer. What could it hurt? (Note: The above doll is named Fibrella, and yes, she does have a crown of needles!)

follow your museI know that your muse will sometimes lead you in crazy directions, but isn’t it exciting? You have a definite path to follow, even though it might be a little crooked. Not always the correct path, or even the right time, but it will certainly lead you to new adventures.

follow your muse

I’ve always had an interest in creative pursuits, but follow your muse, was not always in my mental playbook! I worked in a corporate, managerial role, and was downsized (or was that rightsized), on three separate occasions (since my move to Toronto). Between jobs, I questioned what I wanted to do with the rest of my working life. My right brain, fought with my left brain, and my left brain always won! Hi ho, hi ho, it was off to a new corporate job I go!!!! Except for the last time! That was the time I chose creativity, and I’m not in the least sorry!

follow your muse

My creative self has always been present, but had to take a back seat to the day job! Now I set my alarm for 7, instead of 5:30 am, and leave most of the baggage behind me, when I leave the store. It’s very satisfying! Besides, I need my daily dose of sparkly things!!!!

My muse has never been as active! In the last couple of days, I’ve had at least 5 great ideas for future classes, or personal art and jewelery pieces! The ideas flew so quickly, that I had to force myself not to pull off the side of the road, to capture them. I was channelling my muse, and open to all possibilities!

follow your muse


As always, nature, and recycling, will pay a huge part in future themes. Leaves, stones, driftwood, and even the rusty bits (that my friends and co-workers have been collecting for me), will contribute to the future development of my work (my muse is obviously a free spirit). Fibre, paper, and beads, will also be present (maybe a few wine corks, as well)! I’ve decided that my muse wants me to be true to my core values, while still exploring uncharted territories! It will be a rough, rocky, creative, and exciting time! Now, are you ready to follow your muse? If your answer is not yet, then start to plan and dream! Who knows where that will lead?


  1. I’m so glad you were able to follow your muse. I follow mine in the hours after I make the money which makes it possible for me to take the adventures. I long for the day, though, when I can walk away from the day job and only follow the creative muse. I know that day is coming, though it might still be a few years away. In the meantime, my muse has to share my time with the day job 🙂

  2. Rijacki, I followed the corporate path for many a year. It’s hard to argue with the almighty dollar! In some ways, I was even more productive at that time. All that corporate stuff needs a buffer, and for me, that was fibre art. You’ll know when the time is right, and when that happens, I look forward to you sharing the changes. I wish you a smooth path until then!

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