Stretchy bracelets and other fun stuff! Calm the creative mind with a little exploring!

Mentioning stretchy bracelets and other fun stuff, is a funny way to introduce a blog post, isn’t it? Do you remember that I wrote about the bracelets a couple of weeks ago? But that’s not all I did last weekend! My muse was so active, that I hardly had time to rest!

Let’s start with the bracelets! While rummaging through my stash, I discovered a few strings of forgotten stones. I knew that they would be perfect for stretchy bracelets and other fun stuff! I made the paper beads a few years ago, but the tumbled nuggets, were purchased recently (I might have snatched the last strand of this one, heh, heh).

stretchy bracelets

These bracelets are incredibly easy to make!!! All you need are beads, stretchy cord, and a bead with a larger hole, to hide the knot (I chose metal). Tie the stretchy cord together, with a surgeon’s knot, then add a little dab of glue (G-S Hypo Cement or E6000) for security!

Now on to birdhouses! I’m hosting a workshop on July 14th, so prep work was in order! Saw, saw, saw, then fun, fun, fun!!!

Next up, onion skins! Did you know that it’s easy to make dye from the thin, papery bits on the outside of the onion (and at the bottom of the bag)? Throw the skins (I used yellow onions) in a pot; then cover in water; and finally add a splash or two of vinegar. Boil until you get a nice, brown colour, then shut off the heat. Let the brew cool a little. Submerge bits and bundles of paper. The colour will depend entirely on the type of paper you use, and the length of time it sits in the pot. Pull from the pot and set aside to dry!

I used shipping tags, old book pages, tracing, 140 lb watercolour, and mixed media papers. Scribble the dye on, for a graffiti effect! Refrigerate any unused dye!

What do onion skins have to do with stretchy bracelets and other fun stuff? Not much, but old book pages, would make great paper beads (fodder for more stretchy bracelets)!

Colour play with resin, was the name of the game on Monday night! It turns out that both Setacolour Transparent Fabric paint (another old stash item), and Ice Resin Tints (look Marg, new colours!), are reliable colourants. Especially nice in these open-backed bezels and frames, from Nunn Designs. More experimentation to come in future weeks!? It was hard to capture the effect, but trust me, the colours are fabulous!!! More work to be done on the round bezels (perhaps an inclusion or two, then a top up with resin), but the square ones are complete!

Nunn Design open-backed bezels and frames, with Ice Resin and Ice Resin Tints

I guess that’s enough creativity for three days, though I didn’t even mention Gelli printing (ahem, of course I did some of that too!), or freeform peyote, or fireworks! What did you do on your Canada Day weekend?


  1. Marilyn

    Actually, I made two bracelets here at the hospital. They are stretchy too. It is really a great way to do something quite quickly. However with just store bought beads and nothing as creative as yours.

    If I were home I would love to do a birdhouse with you.

    1. Anne Marie

      I’m glad that you had a chance to play a little, while you were in the hospital! It’s a great way to make the time go by faster. As for the birdhouse, there will be more chances for that in the future. Keep well!

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