Love Colour? Love Metal? You’ll love Marti Brown!

Even if you’re not a metalworker, but love the colours of blue, fuchsia, Caribbean green (and lots more!) then Marti Brown’s classes will expand your design and technique tool box. All levels of metalwork – from complete novice to experienced – will gain knowledge about working with anondizing Niobium. Marti’s classes will cover adding colour to wire and sheet metal by using an anondizer as a power source to provide an electrical current that runs through a bath of solution and your work piece.

During the anodizing process, a transparent oxide layer forms on the surface of the metal, and the way light reflects off of this oxide layer determines the resulting color. Niobium is extremely tough and hypoallergenic. Although niobium cannot be soldered, you can easily cold connect them or weld them together. Layering anodized pieces along with other metals and materials can open an entire new world of color and creativity. Marti’s classes will also include metalworking techniques such as cold connections, fold forming and more.

All classes are open for all levels of metalwork experience!

To register, give the store at call at (416) 751-1011 or 1-877-473-2323.

Here are Marti Brown’s classes at BeadFX:

Exploring Niobium
Friday, September 29; 10:00am – 5:00pm
If you want to learn how to work niobium into your jewelry designs this is the class for you. With Marti Browns guidance, you will learn to apply basic metalworking techniques to niobium sheet and wire. Then take your created pieces and colourfully anodize them. Learn the cold connections that will turn your new pieces into beautiful, wearable jewelry. Students will learn how to cut, drill, shape, texture, file, and sand niobium sheet and wire, anodizing techniques, and riveting.

Class fee: $295 + HST and includes your materials ? approximately $115 value. (5 20ga unanodized niobium wire; 4 18ga unanodized niobium wire; 3 16ga unanodized niobium wire; 3 x 3 24ga unanodized niobium sheet; 3 x 3 30ga unanodized niobium sheet).

Making an Impression
Saturday, September 30; 10:00am – 5:00pm
Students will emboss, imprint, texture, and stamp niobium sheet using hammers, metal stamps, a metal corrugator and the Sizzix Big Kick. With the use of bath anodizing, sanding, and brush anodizing techniques add color to your creations.

Class fee: $285 + HST and includes your materials ? approximately $105 value. (18ga unanodized niobium wire; 20ga unanodized niobium wire; 24ga unanodized niobium sheet; 28ga unanodized niobium sheet)

Rainforest Leaves
Sunday, October 1; 10:00am – 1:00pm
Learn to cut niobium sheet with metal shears, fold form it and then colorfully anodize your created pieces. Add beads with wire and jump rings to suggest falling rain. Students will also learn some fold forming techniques.

Class fee: $140 + HST and includes your materials ? approximately $50 value. (1 20ga unanodized niobium wire; 3 x 3 26ga unanodized niobium sheet; small package magatama seed beads, a 3M sanding pad)

Cab Set Niobium Pendant
Sunday, October 1; 2:00 – 5:00pm
Tab setting is used to set a cabochon of your choice in a niobium pendant. Cut, file and sand to create the pendant. Anodize it to harmonize with your chosen cabochon.

Class fee: $135 + HST and includes your materials ? approximately $45 value. (1 x 3 24ga unanodized niobium sheet; 6 16ga unanodized niobium wire; cabochon (resin or gemstone); 18 silversilk capture chain; a 3M sanding pad).

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