Deals Juicier than that Turkey!

Gobble up these bargains because I can’t guarantee that there will be left overs!
Juicy golden premium Amber! More golden than that turkey, and guaranteed not to put you to sleep. Or add pounds. Because one of the nice things about amber is how lightweight and warm it is! Gobble these up at 40% off! You know you’ve been eyeing these!
s48717 Amber Beads - Small Chips - Mexican Amber (Strand)s48719 Amber Beads - Medium Nuggets - Mexican Amber (Strand)

Got a crafty friend, niece, auntie? Want to get them involved in your favourite pastime? Buy them a

Discovery Kit – packed with the stuff you need to get them started.
Also 40% off.
– Black Friday special! Stops them from “borrowing” your stuff too.

s47609 BeadFX Discovery Kit - Large Custom Craft Bag and Supplies - Discover Wireworkings47611 BeadFX Discovery Kit - Medium Custom Craft Pouch and Supplies - Discover Wireworking

OK – and one last thing – if you are going to be in the store this weekend –

Misc stone and druzy will be 40% off.

That is Stone cabochons and pendants and Druzies with a label that says “Misc” – they will be 40% off. We can’t do these online – because these are one-off items that are in-store only. But it includes some very special items like some biiiig chunks of turquoise and some other very cool stuff. But you have to come into the store to see them and get them!

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