Small gifts: Celebrating holiday traditions!

Are you going to make small gifts for the upcoming holidays? Have you started? Are you finished? Or are you in high panic mode?

I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m panicking, but I am glad that my workshops for 2017, will be finished by the end of this week. I do love my students, but whew, now I can concentrate!

Are you a maker, or a collector? I saw something recently on Facebook, that said that buying beads, and making things with beads, are two completely separate hobbies!!! I truly believe this! Do you?

I make gifts, and I’m proud of it! I live, and love to make stuff! Do you make small gifts? Or, perhaps larger ones? I don’t seem to have time to make large gifts now, but small, handmade gifts are certainly doable.

beading woes

The items I make now (and of course, I won’t be revealing anything until after the holidays), are quite different from the items I made in the early years. Fabric related then, but now totally bead, or mixed media focused! Beads are smaller, easier to package, and make a huge impact! At least, I like to think so!

Quick and easy gifts are always good! Have you thought about making beaded bookmarks, key chains, purse charms, earrings, or stretchy bracelets? Simple, classic necklaces are nice, and they can be made fairly quickly, out of crystals, pearls, &/or stones. Also, don’t forget about beaded tree decorations! They’re always a hit for both hostess gifts, and parcel decorations.

small gifts

Designed by Dwyn Tomlinson

Mixed media, throws more choices into the mix. Resin pendants, just require a purchased bezel, a little resin, a few inclusions, and a purchased chain. You can do the same with two-part epoxy clay! Time and the learning curve is always a given, but they’re really not that difficult!

Don’t forget leather! Leather bracelets are wonderful, and oh so easy to make! Metal stamping is always a hit, and BeadFX has a nice range of stamp sets, to choose from!

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If you’re stuck, there’s always the BeadFX Inspirations page. Check it out, and get some free ideas! Take our ideas, then interpret them your own special way!

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, so don’t forget to apply this principle to your small gifts! Relax, breathe, then put your head down and get to work!! You’ll be glad that you did! A gift given directly from your heart, and your hands, is a very precious gift indeed!

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