They are fun, they are green – they are the greatest beads you’ve ever seen! Tri-Tri-Trios!

2 Hole Trios

Fun little wedge-shaped two-hole beads – the category that grows! These Trios are so new they squeak! We’re rolling them out in the big designer packs first, and as soon as they are packaged, we’ll have them in vials too – but for now, you can get in on the ground floor and start designing with them. Take them out for a spin, try them in your favourite stitches – blaze some new trails and boldly bead where no one has beaded before!

And – we have them in more than green … 😉

27801724-16b Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Trios - Pastel Lilac (300 pcs)27801724-09b Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Trios - Bordeaux Pastel (300 pcs) 27801721-02b Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Trios - Bronze Pale Gold (300 pcs)27801721-03b Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Trios - Bronze Violet Rainbow (300 pcs)

And while we are on the topic of two-hole beads – Honeycombs – in the new Gold Splash accent! Splattered with gold like some gold-flinging monkeys have been at them!

s57354 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Honeycombs - Turquoise Green Gold Splash (Strand of 30)s57353 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Honeycombs - Turquoise Blue Gold Splash (Strand of 30)s57355 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Honeycombs - Red Gold Splash (Strand of 30)


But speaking of green – we had a request for “beads made with recycled glass.” Now I know the sort of beads that she was talking about – handmade from recycled bottle glass – but I thought that I should point out to you that all glass beads have a certain amount of recycled glass in them. All the beads from the manufacturing process that fail quality inspection – misshapen, lopsided, cracked, etc., get poured back into the pot and re-melted to make more. So – to some degree – all beads are recycled.

Other odds and ends this week – super small and super bright – luminous 15/0s. That doesn’t mean they glow in the dark – actually – their colours are so saturated, they almost glow in the light!

mb15-1121 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Luminous Sun Glowmb15-4301 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Luminous Wild Strawberrymb15-4303 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Luminous Plum Crazy


As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here.

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