January 2018 Bead Mat Update: Change is in the air!

The theme of my January 2018 Bead Mat Update, appears to be a slight change in direction. Is that bad? Perhaps not, but something new to consider.

I’ve got an itch, and that itch just needed to be scratched! It’s the itch for something new, and I just can’t help myself! Okay, perhaps not new, but not recent! I’m talking about polymer clay! I’ve worked with it more this month (actually, I started on New Years Eve), than I’ve ever done before. Colour therapy for sure, but it also brings back that childlike feeling, of getting down and dirty in the mud. Didn’t you play in the dirt, as a child? Wasn’t squishy clay the best?

Definitely part of my January 2018 Bead Mat Update, but I have no idea where this will go! There’s lots to learn on the subject, and you know I love to learn! More play is on the horizon, perhaps with an eye to combining it with other techniques. Hmm, I wonder how I could do that?

What do you think of this glass pudding jar (I bought the pudding, specifically for the jar), that has been transformed into a votive? A perfect vessel for the Mokume Gane technique!

January 2018 Bead Mat Update

Or how about these beauties, made in Barbara Colautti’s action-packed class, last Sunday at BeadFX? Isn’t the flower amazing? Then, how about those leaves? Transferring paper-thin slices, onto another surface, is a tad challenging, but I managed. However, I may do myself a favour, and assemble them on a flat surface next!

January 2018 Bead Mat Update

January was a good month for classes. I gave two workshops (Bead Embroidered Buttons, and Watercolour Dreams, Mixed Media Cuff), and took one polymer clay class. In-progress samples from my workshops, are shown below, but who knows when I will have time to finish either of them? My students get much further along on their pieces, then I ever do in mine (at least in the class). The cuff was almost a non-starter, but I did manage to do some beading on the button! I get too busy talking! Funny how that happens!!

January 2018 Bead Mat Update

January 2018 Bead Mat Update

Last but not least, one of my other loves! Hand-painted papers! I made this bundle for my Watercolour Dreams, cuff bracelet class. Do you think that I made enough? Oh yeah! Of course, the students had a wee bit of trouble with their final selection process, but that’s part of what makes it so much fun! I love giving lots of choices! It’s not my fault that the colours are all yummy! Or is it? Heh, heh!!!

January 2018 Bead Mat Update

Sure, it’s in my January 2018 Bead Mat Update, but does my creative heart, have enough room for Polymer Clay? I think so, but it will need to play nice with all of the other techniques I love. I certainly cannot have my other techniques getting jealous! What? A mutiny you say? There’s just no room for that in my life, but wouldn’t the colourful canon fire be interesting?

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