The Carole Necklace

by: Darlene Collette Pendragonfyre Designs/Dwyn Tomlinson – DragonJools

For those of you who would rather have your Pandora(tm)/Troll(tm)/Biagi(tm)/Euro-Charm/Big Hole Beads on a necklace, easy to wear and easy to swap out, rather than a bracelet – this is for you!

I met fellow lampwork artist Darlene Collette of Pendragonfyre Designs?recently; we were introduced by a mutual friend. We had a lovely time. We swapped lampwork stories, and talked about glass and had a grand old time.

I was fascinated with her necklace. Her style of beads is completely unlike mine – she makes lovely, controlled spacer beads with high-silver-glass accents in a style that is both glamorous and refined. (Unlike my style, which is generally categorized as “go big or go home.”) She happily shared the neckace’s secret, and graciously gave me permission to steal the idea, provided that I mention her name. So go look at her beads and maybe buy some, m’kay?

The key to this necklace is a fine chain, and enough length to slip over your head without a clasp. To make the chain, slide on a single big hole bead as a stop bead -we’ve shown multiple options here – and then close the chain with a small jumpring. Small enough to not be wider than the fine chain that you selected.

Then to display your big hole beads -double up the chain and slide them onto the chain and down to the center – where the stop bead is, and add an optional matching bead as an accent.

It’s easy to take beads off and add new ones, change the order – add new beads as you get them! You display any bead with a large hole: lampwork beads, Swarovski(tm) Becharmed(tm) beads, Pandora(tm), big hole stone(tm), wood(tm), ceramic(tm) – the sky is the limit!

The lampwork bead examples shown here are from our consignment table, where we are please to represent local artists by providing a venue for their beads! (Credit to Carol Cooper and Malliga Nathan for these beads.)

Don’t forget – lots of our Charm Beads are on sale too! So you can go for mix and match!



Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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