it’s dark in here

It’s dark in here.

The whole store is in a kerfuffle right now:

we’ve been without power for all of Sunday, and only half power on Saturday, since a racoon went to the big garbage truck in the sky by straddling two high voltage wires leading into the building. What with one thing and another, the electrician coming out, and then hydro, then not being able to get access and then needing another guy – it’s the usual “hurry up and wait” snafu scenario that modern life gifts us with on a daily basis.

It’s annoying for us, but potentially very damaging for some of the other tenants, such as the huge organic food delivery company next door.

They promise that we will have power shortly – but, like the “cheque is in the mail” – we’ll believe it when we see it. It SHOULD be on by Monday morning, but if in doubt – call first. It will, of course, take us a bit to catch up with the orders that didn’t get picked on the weekend.

(In case you are wondering, our trusty servers are located off site – so the website is still up and functioning.)

UPDATE: Monday a.m. Power is back on and we are good to go. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


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