Up to 80% off at BeadFX!

The pre-Christmas sale is still on – with savings* starting at 20%, with some items from 50% to 80% off! Stock up, buy supplies, get presents – for yourself or others!

*The Fine Print is here.

Here’s some suggestions

These Japanese-Style pliers are hot, hot, hot. Brand new, and 20% off!

74524700 Tools -  Side Cutter - Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers74524701 Tools -  Long Nose - Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers

74524702 Tools -  Flat Nose - Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers74524703 Tools -  Bent Nose - Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers

74524704 Tools -  Round Nose - Dazzle-It Japanese Style Pliers

Choose from:

Side Cutter – Japanese Style Pliers

Long Nose – Japanese Style Pliers

Flat Nose – Japanese Style Pliers

Bent Nose – Japanese Style Pliers

Round Nose – Japanese Style Pliers

What makes these pliers special?

They have smaller handles, fit better in your hand, and have precise, slender tips for getting into tight places.

Cork Leather – 80% off

Made of cork, use like leather. Stronger than cork – obviously – there is a core to give these the necessary strength. 5 and 10 mm wide and some “regaliz” (fat) size. Use with the Beads and Clasps for flat leather. (Regaliz size beads and findings are here.)

80% off.

s39340 Leather - 5 mm Cork Leather - Flat - Mint (Inch)s39355 Leather - 10 mm Cork Leather - Regaliz - Saddle Up (Inch)

s39362 Leather - 10 mm Cork Leather - Flat - Dark Teal (Inch)s39364 Leather - 10 mm Cork Leather - Flat - Olive Green (Inch)

Instructions for these bracelets here.

Swarovski Mini Ovals, Rounds, Squares, Rectangles, Pears and Rhombuseseses. 50% off

27750560050209 Swarovski Bead - 8 x 12 mm Mini-Drop (5056) - Rose27750560020003 Swarovski Bead - 6 x 10 mm Mini-Drop (5056) - Crystal Rose Gold


27780101001001 Swarovski Bead - 14 mm Becharmed Pave (8010) - Crystal Golden Shadow  27801710-04 Preciosa Shaped Glass Beads -  Tee Beads - California Gold Rush (Tube)74211534 Chain - 16.4 x 12.2 mm Cut Coloured Aluminum Chain - Gold (Metre)

Nappa Leather 50%

751040001-11 Nappa Leather - 5 mm Round / Stitched Leather Cord - Wood Leopard (Inch)

Klik Findings 50%

75190002-03 Klik Snap Findings -  Curvy Leather Bracelet - White

All the Manager Specials

23400954 Findings - Separator/Connector - 4 Strand Christmas Tree Connector - Antiqued Copper

Review the recent stuff here!

Holiday Hours. In previous years, we have been closed between Christmas and New Year’s. This year, for the first time ever, we will be open Dec 27 – 28 – 29 until 6 pm. (Including the lampwork and metal studio.) If you are in town visiting family – drop on in and visit. Regular in-store customers in need of a bead fix are welcome to come in too. 😉

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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