A Tough Act to Follow

How do you follow a tough act like a sale? I’m betting you are thinking you are all stocked up for the season and we can’t possibly entice you with anything else.

We love a challenge. 😉

How about Gem Silica, a little more Larimar, that Griffin Silk you all have been asking for, also Limited Edition Druzy Pendants, and Gita Findings?

Are you ready? Hang on.

Gem Silica – or Chrysocolla Chalcedony

As hinted at a couple of weeks ago, we have a few choice pieces of Gem Silica – the rarest and most coveted member of the quartz family. Like chunks of turquoise trapped in liquid emerald – these rough slabs are stunning pendants – combining the beauty of turquoise and chrysocolla in a much tougher material. These are one of a kind pieces, for your one of a kind creations.

s60556 Stone Pendant - OOAK -  Slab - Gem Silica Chrysocolla
s60557 Stone Pendant - OOAK -  Slab - Gem Silica Chrysocolla
s60558 Stone Pendant - OOAK -  Slab - Gem Silica Chrysocolla
s60560 Stone Pendant - OOAK -  Slab - Gem Silica Chrysocolla

Larimar. Also mentioned briefly a couple of weeks ago – we have some one-of-a-kind Larimar cabochons. If you are not familiar with Larimar, it comes exclusively from the Caribbean and is the colour of a warm ocean breeze. It is rare, and getting rarer by the minute. Primarily because I screwed up and accidentally messed up the release date, so that some of it sold before it was supposed to. So we are down to just these 3 pieces left. Maybe don’t wait if they strike your fancy?

s60478 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 23 x 24 mm Square - Larimar
s60479 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 14 x 29 mm Rectangle - Larimar
s60484 Stone - OOAK - 56 mm Freeform - Larimar

Natural Silk Thread

Griffin natural silk thread for beading. You’ve been wanting it, and here it is! On cards, and with the needle already installed. Necklaces made with natural silk drape naturally along the contours of the body and always project a look of elegance and beauty. This sleek thread has the characteristic lustre and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk. In three different thicknesses (Size 2 = .45 mm, Size 3 = .5 mm, Size 4 = .6 mm)

s60604 Silk Thread - Size 2 /0.45mm Griffin Silk Beading Cord / Needle - Beige (2 m)
s60607 Silk Thread - Size 2 /0.45mm Griffin Silk Beading Cord / Needle - Black (2 m)
s60613 Silk Thread - Size 2 /0.45mm Griffin Silk Beading Cord / Needle - Dark Blue (2 m)
s60629 Silk Thread - Size 3 /0.5mm Griffin Silk Beading Cord / Needle - White (2 m)
74509559 Tools -  Easy Knotter Tool for Pearls -

And you might want to pick up a knotting tool with that too.

Heck – you might want to go check out the pearls too! They can be traditional, or avant-garde!

s2237 Freshwater Pearls - 6.5 mm Near Round Pearl - Peach Pearl (strand)
s29435 Freshwater Pearls - 7 x 6 mm Potato Pearl - Cream (strand)
s33791 Freshwater Pearls - 20-30 x 3 mm Biwa Stick Pearl - Light Bronze (strand)
s6704 Freshwater Pearls - 4 mm Random Nuggets - Mixed Bronze (strand)

Limited Edition Pendants

Druzy, Peach Moonstone, Jasper Pyrite, and more. Limited Edition means we do have more than one, but not a lot, and once they are gone, that’s it. They are all a little different – that’s the nature of handmade and natural stones. The nice thing about these is that they are mounted in settings, so all you need to do is put them on a chain to wear them. Or you can gussy them up with matching or contrasting beads. Or wear them as a simple pendant now, and fancy them up later when you get the inspiration. It’s all up to you!

s60640 Stone Pendant - Limited Edition -  Faceted Teardrop Link - White Opal Moonstone
s60638 Stone Pendant - OOAK -  Druzy Triangle - Aurora
s60639 Stone Pendant - Limited Edition -  Druzy Eye - Electric Eggplant
s60635 Stone Pendant - Limited Edition -  Druzy Oval - Steel Blue Druzy
s60636 Stone Pendant - Limited Edition -  Teardrop - Phosphosiderite
s60632 Stone Pendant - Limited Edition - 43 mm Faceted Tear Drop - Peach Moonstone

But wait, that’s not all!

Gita Findings – which, if you have not heard, are metal findings designed to take Swarovski pointed back rhinestones. They have metal prongs that you fold down over the stone to hold the stone in place – no gluing or soldering required! Make a pendant to slip on a chain by itself, create dangles for earrings, or use it as the focal and inspiration for a more elaborate creation. Possibly not instant gratification – but pretty-darn-quick-gratification. 😉

s60808 Rhinestone Jewelry Findings - 29 SS 39 SS 12 mm Triple Stone Mount Pendant - Bright Gold Plated
s60812 Rhinestone Jewelry Findings - 13 x 18 mm Octagon Mount with 2 Loops - Bright Gold Plated
s60813 Rhinestone Jewelry Findings -  Pear Shaped Pendant - Antiqued Silver
s60815 Rhinestone Jewelry Findings - 39SS Pendant Round Stone Setting with Top Loop - Antiqued Silver
s60813 Rhinestone Jewelry Findings -  Pear Shaped Pendant - Antiqued Silver
s60813 Rhinestone Jewelry Findings -  Pear Shaped Pendant - Antiqued Silver

Still hunting for gift ideas?

How about something in a kit? New kits from Miyuki, including this adorable little Santa kit – Fan or light pull decoration, tree ornament, or purse charm.

s60743 Kit -  Mascot Fan Miyuki Beading Kit - Santa
s60753 Kit -  Miyuki Beading Kit - Designer - Rote Rose Ring

Also, some classic Festive Earrings,

s26985 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Fern Pine
s26986 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Emerald Fir

Craft Kits to knit or stitch, Or the Diamond Dotz Kits? Gotta love that dragon.

89300101-04 Crafty Kits -  Knit Kit - Unicorn
89300008-02 Diamond Dotz - 26 x 18.5 in Wall Art Advanced Kit - Mythical Dragon

Review the recent stuff here!

So, whatever your beady needs or questions – we’re here to help. Just ask!

Holiday Hours.

In previous years, we have been closed between Christmas and New Year’s. This year, for the first time ever, we will be open Dec 27 – 28 – 29 until 6 pm. (Including the lampwork and metal studio.) If you are in town visiting family – drop on in and visit. Regular in-store customers in need of a bead fix are welcome to come in too. 😉

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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