Random Thoughts on the Season!

In your wildest random thoughts, did you ever wonder, how you would fill your time until the end of the year? Obviously not a problem for most people.

random thoughts

Confession time, most of my gifts need to be wrapped early, due to mailing deadlines (don’t hate me!). By some miracle, what with the recent postal strike and all, my presents all made it to the correct places prior to the big day. I did mail early, and via Express Post, so I figured that they would be safe, and I was right. Relieved I am, but now all I need to wonder, is how I will spend the rest of my time?

I feel that my creativity time is way down, but hope to ramp up again next weekend. Sure, I’ve been helping one of my artist friend’s move, plus teaching a fair amount, but feel that my “get up and go”, is mysteriously missing! Are you surprised?

My friend’s move reminds me just how much I need to organize my studio space. Yes, there are things that need to go, and no, I haven’t spent the time to decide what, but soon! I want to do some sorting over the holidays (after the main event, of course), but I think that I need to have “just do it” be my motto for this transformation. I anticipate a slow start, but I’m motivated to get it done!! Strike while the iron is hot, so to speak!

More random thoughts!

Have you heard that Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019 is “Living Coral”? I’m not really sure how I feel about it, but it does seem to be a happy sort of colour! It has a forward-thinking, and environmental focus, yet it’s also somewhat celebratory! Is it a colour for the winter, probably not? However, strangely enough, I do have a wool pullover in just that colour! Of course, it’s at least five years old, and I still haven’t managed to visibly darn a few small holes (visibly darning is a thing!), but still!!! Darning, then re-using something old, is a good thing!!! I’ll do it, then call it slow stitching!!

But just one more thing! Are there any semi-precious stones in this colour?

Speaking of slow stitching, I still need to finish up Stitch Meditations # 99 and #100. That’s all I committed to for 2018, and I only have a couple of weeks left to do it in!! I do have some artsy ideas, but just haven’t had the time to execute them yet. I hope to have more news, in my next update!

In case you missed them, here’s # 97 & # 98!

random thoughts
random thoughts

What do I plan to focus my beading on in 2019? Interesting question! Believe it or not, I would like to bead an orb! I spotted Heidi Kummli’s, Fortune Teller Orb in one of her books, and absolutely fell in love! This is not something you just start! For the story to unfold, I must first source the main elements! Then, and only then, will it start to get interesting! Working at BeadFX, will definitely help with the sourcing, but I may need to search even farther afield! Any ideas?

random thoughts
Heidi Kummli – Fortune Teller
random thoughts

Next up in my random thoughts of progress, more freeform peyote! I’ve created rings, beads, earrings, pendants, stones, driftwood, & bracelets, and even taught them in workshops. Now I need to make a necklace!! Probably a collar, but perhaps something else, but only time will tell!

Visions of polymer clay, bead embroidered cuffs, new stitch meditations, and paper jewelery are rolling around in my head! Random thoughts or not, I think that 2019 will definitely be a creative year!

I wish everyone a very merry, happy, healthy, and safe time over the holidays!

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