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New Year, new stuff

Butter Jasper, and the Benefits of Making

As some of you know, I spent most of the Christmas “break,” and I use that term loosely, working with my significant other to transform my office space from butt-ugly to … well, normal looking. Tearing down the grotesque spiky spackle ceiling, the gawdawful 60’s paneling, putting up drywall and – o.m.g. INSULATION, (because there.wasn’t.any!) and a suspended ceiling. One third of it is done, and I have moved down the room to the finished part, and now the rest needs to be done. Only one day of computer down-time for the win – because having my computer off-line for weeks at a time while renovating was not an option. Otherwise, you all wouldn’t be getting updates … . 😉

So as we were hauling out another load of ceiling that appears to be a relief map of some alien planet … my significant other says to me “There is something very satisfying about doing something with your hands and seeing the results.”

And that, my friends, is the heart of the matter. Crafting, beading, making, d-i-y. Baking. Sewing. Building. Doing something physical, and seeing the thing that you made. And the joy and sense of satisfaction that it brings.

My online world is rich and full of colour and possibilities – from friends online and emails flowing back and forth efficiently and hours spent lost in the photos of the beads and the database. Games and friends and movies and all the good things that the internet brings.

But the reality is – most of human history is about making things. After food and shelter and etc. But making, doing – we’re hardwired to get pleasure from seeing the results of our efforts.

And so, our gift to you is this: the complete and total justification of sitting down to play with your beads. Because it makes you happy and that’s normal and good for you.

You’re welcome. 😉

New this week. New year, new stone – Australian Butter Jasper. I dunno about these pics – to me, in real life, this has a slight greenish tinge – but I got into quite a detailed conversation with someone about the definition of yellow. Apparently, I have a very narrow definition of yellow – if it isn’t the colour of a lemon, it ain’t yellow in my books. These are a pleasant, soft colour and something a little different to start the new year.

s60881 Stone Beads - 4mm Round - Matte Australian Butter Jasper (strand)
s60882 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Matte Australian Butter Jasper (strand)
s60885 Stone Beads - 8mm Faceted Rondelles - Matte Australian Butter Jasper (strand)
s60886 Stone Beads - 13x18mm Freeform Oval - Matte Australian Butter Jasper (strand)

In other “news” – we have Kumi weights,

74509867-00 Tools -  Weight for Kumihimo / Wire Knitter - Large
74509867-01 Tools -  Weight for Kumihimo / Wire Knitter - Small

Wire shaping jigs for bracelets and rings,

74509865 Tools -  Shaping Form Jig - Adjustable Bracelet and Ring
74509866 Tools -  Shaping Form Jig - Adjustable Ring

Wire knitter! Remember these?

74509862 Tools -  Wire Knitter - 6 Prong

And this … this … monstrosity. This is the result of an unholy mix of a bent chain nose and a round nose plier. If you think this is an excellent idea, gawd bless you.

74509860 Tools -  Multi-Plier - Chain Nose + Round Nose

Also new, the Beadalon EZ-Crimp ends. These crimp the ends and add a loop for the clasp at the same time. As these are a little bulkier than regular crimps, there is a new, larger crimp tool to accommodate them.

24000956-01 Findings - Crimps - ID .5mm EZ-Crimp End - Bright Gold Plated (Pack)
24000957-01 Findings - Crimps -  EZ-Crimp End - Bright Gold Plated (Pack)
24000956-00 Findings - Crimps - ID .5mm EZ-Crimp End - Bright Silver (Pack)
24000957-00 Findings - Crimps -  EZ-Crimp End - Bright Silver (Pack)
74509869 Tools -  EZ-Crimp Pliers -

And further to my obsession with stretchy bracelets, we’ve added crimp tubes for stretch cord, in a range of sizes to match the cords. I have done a little experimenting with them and find that stringing the crimp tube first, then the beads, then going through the crimp tube a second time (in the opposite direction to the first time) seems to go the easiest.

24000955-00 Findings - Crimps - 1mm Crimp Tubes for Stretch Cord - Bright Silver (Pack)
24000955-01 Findings - Crimps - 1mm Crimp Tubes for Stretch Cord - Bright Gold Plated (Pack)

So – happy making – and remember – beading is not a silly little pastime, but a serious approach to maintaining your mental health! Cheers!

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