Back on the Chain, Gang

More surprises that come from cleaning up … we had a bunch of these a while back, sold it all out – well apparently – we had more and I missed it. So, you get a second chance.

Some folks call it rosary chain, but you can use it for much more than that. It looks great for layering … make a bunch of chains at various lengths, and then stack with other pieces to get yourself the layered, multi look.

s34693 Gemstone Chain - 4mm Faceted Bead on Wire Link - Onyx Black / Gold Plated (foot)
s34698 Gemstone Chain - 4mm Faceted Rondelle on Wire Link - Blue Chalcedony / Silver (foot)
s34702 Gemstone Chain - 4mm Round on Wire Link - Dark Blue Glass Pearl / Gold Plated (foot)
s34704 Gemstone Chain - 4mm Faceted Bead on Wire Link - Metallic Silver / Silver (foot)
s34703 Gemstone Chain - 4mm Faceted Bead on Wire Link - Light Carnelian / Gold Plated (foot)
s34707 Gemstone Chain - 3mm Faceted Rondelle on Wire Link - Tourmaline Pink / Gold Plated (foot)

And – there are bigger varieties too – bigger stones, more chain. One stone and a segment of chain could be a nice dangly earring.

s40346 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Stone - Rose Quartz / Gold Plated (foot)
s40347 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Stone - Burgundy Hydro Quartz / Gold Plated (foot)
s40350 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Stone - Pink Tourmaline / Gold Plated (foot)
s40436 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Stone - Berry Chalcedony / Gold Plated (foot)
s40446 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Stone - Aqua Chalcedony / Gold Plated (foot)
s40438 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Stone - Fog Grey Chalcedony / Gold Plated (foot)

Although, my personal fave is this one. Big beads, big colour. Yum.

s45609 Gemstone Chain - 8x6mm Faceted Rondelle on Wire Link - Blue Chalcedony / Gold Plated (foot)

New Lampwork Art Beads

Adding to our Lampwork Art Beads – we are pleased to add the work of Ms Mussy Jewels, Deb Muss. Unlike the work by Carol Savage or DragonJools – Deb Muss can actually make more than one bead of the same type. Of course, they are not identical, they are handmade! But there is the potential for there to be more! So if you need more than what we show in stock – fire us an email and we’ll find out what the time frame would be for getting you some more.

dm59770 Lampwork Bead Pendant -  Lentil - Midnight Pomegranate
dm59771 Lampwork Bead Pendant -  Round - Midnight Pomegranate (6)

Lampworker Alert!

Those who took the Astrid class – we have replacement burrs

s2293 Tools - 4mm Diamond Burr - Round

Magazines are not quite dead yet – don’t forget to tuck one into your order for the sheer pleasure of the eye candy. If you can’t figure out what to do with old issues that you are done with – take a couple along to your next doctor, dentist, or chiropractor visit, and then casually leave them with the other magazines. It’s got to be better reading than 4-year-old fashion mags, and who knows who you might inspire!

s60576 Magazine - Bead and Button -  2019 - February
s60582 Magazine - Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist -  2019 - January - February
s60591 Magazine - Beadwork -  2019 - February - March


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