This Winter is Madness … that’s Cymbalic …

Well – I just gave myself heart failure – I just did a quick search to find all the new items for this week and the count was … 873. That’s definitely a new record for us!

At first, I thought I had accidentally made some sort of horrible mistake. We have a name for that tiny instant of time between pressing enter and realizing that you have just made some horrible blunder, and when the results come back with half of your data deleted or translated into Russian or something. We call it the “oh-no second.” Like a nanosecond, but much, much worse.

But no, it is a real number. 806 of these items are actually warehouse items, so we don’t have them in the store – but we have added Preciosa Bicones and Faceted Rounds to give you more options for your Crystal Cravings. If you don’t know Preciosa, they are a Czech company and have been making crystal beads for close to 500 years. Their quality is excellent, the sparkle is great, and the price point is more accessible. 😉 We like to give you options.

Check them out here. Bicones, and Rounds (3-10mm)

PBIC040001 Preciosa Machine Cut Crystal - 4mm Faceted Bicone - Crystal AB (40)
PRND031101 Preciosa Machine Cut Crystal - 3mm Faceted Round - Capri Blue AB (40)

Order online for delivery or, if you prefer, to pick up in the store.

Also new this week, and very, very exciting, is the new Cymbal line of … Findings? Beads?

What these are is a new line of … findings … from Greece … that are specifically designed to work with your existing two hole beads.

s61222 Cymbal Finding -  Triades - Gemduo Bead Ending - Gold Plated (Pair)
s61225 Cymbal Finding -  Kleftiko - Gemduo Bead Ending - Antiqued Silver (Pair)

If you are getting to the point where you roll your eyes every time a new “two-hole bead shape” comes out – then I think you will be intrigued by these.

They come in three broad categories.

  1. Bead Substitutes
  2. Bead Endings
  3. Side Beads

The Bead Substitutes are fairly easy to understand. It is a metal equivalent of that bead shape, i.e. GemDuo, Honeycomb, SuperDuo, etc.

s61235 Cymbal Metal Bead -  Plaka - Gemduo Bead Substitute - Antiqued Silver (4)
s61254 Cymbal Metal Bead -  Galini - Honeycomb Bead Substitute - Gold Plated (4)
s61326 Cymbal Metal Bead -  Varidi - Superduo Bead Substitute - Gold Plated (5)
s61338 Cymbal Metal Bead -  Panormos - Silky Bead Substitute - Gold Plated (4)

The Bead Endings are findings designed to fit at the end of the pattern, so that you can easily connect to a clasp or the next segment. I think the pictures do a better job of explaining …

s61238 Cymbal Finding -  Vani IV - Gemduo Bead Ending - Gold Plated (Pair)
s61288 Cymbal Finding -  Lakos IV - 8/0 Bead Ending - Gold Plated (Pair)
s61302 Cymbal Finding -  Alona - 8/0 Bead Ending - Gold Plated (Pair)
s61325 Cymbal Finding -  Vourkoti - Superduo Bead Ending - Antiqued Silver (6)

And the Side Beads are designed to fit in beside the beads and finish the rows or enhance the pattern. It’s kind of a subtle distinction, so don’t worry about it, and just refer to the photos.

s61231 Cymbal Finding -  Mitakas - Gemduo Side Bead - Antiqued Silver (6)
s61376 Cymbal Finding -  Tourkou - Tila Side Bead - Gold Plated (4)

We’re pretty excited about these and the possibilities that they open up. There will be more options coming, but for now, there are options for GemDuos / DiamondDuos, Honeycombs, Size 8/0 Seeds, Silky beads, Tilas and Half Tilas, and SuperDuos.

Oh, and the subtle hint about Madness? – our March Madness sale starts now. For those of you who loyally read all the way to the end.

You can Review all the new stuff here!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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