Ice, Ice Resin & Minaudieres

Ice, Ice Resin
All right Stop
Collaborate and Listen
We got glitter and shards to make it glisten
Bezels for you to resin pour
Molds and Templates and so much more
Ice, Ice Resin Baby
Ice, Ice Resin Baby

New Bezel Pans for Resin, and, of course, anything else you want to get down and mix your media on, or in.

s62273 Ice Resin - Large Rectangle Industrial Bezel - Imitation Sterling
s61204 Ice Resin - Large Ellipse Rune Bezel - Antiqued Silver
s61211 Ice Resin -  Shield Rune Bezel - Antiqued Brass
s62278 Ice Resin - Small Circle Industrial Bezel - Rose Gold (Pack)

New glittery stuff to add to your Resin creations.

s61199 Ice Resin -  German Glass Glitter Shards - Ocean
s61198 Ice Resin -  German Glass Glitter Shards - Primrose
s62284 Ice Resin -  Luminous Layers - Multi (Pack)

And we will shortly* have Molds and Templates to go with the Industrial-style bezels. The molds have a slight bevel to them, so that the shapes you make have a little facet on the edges when you drop them into the bezels. Makes for a different look from the domed or flat style of resin. The templates are useful too for getting an accurate cut out of the paper or fabric you want to include as the background. *Darn you postal delays!

s62281 Ice Resin -  Industrial Bezel Silicon Mold
s62280 Ice Resin -  Industrial Bezel Template - Clear

I know that Anne Marie is very excited about this update!

Compacts and Minaudieres

Here is another thing to be excited about. From the secret, curious, vintage stockpile – a box of vintage compacts and Minaudieres. That’s a small, decorative handheld (clutch) purse for the fashion-accessory challenged.

Now, bear in mind, these have been banging around for a few decades in conditions that are not necessarily conducive to them remaining pristine. In fact, it is entirely possible that they are in that box in the first place because they were less than perfect. Some of them have numbers scratched into them – so they might have been sales samples. We don’t know. It’s doesn’t matter. The point is, they are a project and you are going to do something glorious. You’ll cover them or modify them or do something grand, and the surface underneath won’t matter. Read the extended description to find out what the flaws (personality quirks) are, but remember – they are old – like some of us.

s62249 OOAK -  Compact - Bright Gold Plated
s62251 OOAK -  Compact - Bright Gold Plated
s62243 OOAK -  Minaudiere / Purse Clutch Blank - Number 1
s62242 OOAK -  Minaudiere / Purse Clutch Blank - A45
s62245 OOAK -  Minaudiere / Purse Clutch Blank - Ebonized

Also – we are have to beat the staff off with a stick on these in order to offer them to you – they keep leaving sticky notes saying “I want this one.”

Not so one of a kind, but quirky, are these Lockets. They have a front cover, but it appears to be missing a window or glass insert or enameled piece. I don’t know, but Anne Marie has glommed onto these too – and is planning a class. It’s not on her class list yet, so keep checking to see when it is available. (That’s a hint if ever I wrote one.)

s62257 Metal Pendant -  Locket - Bright Gold Plated

I’m thinking we should have called this the Anne Marie update! The black and white crystal clay was her idea too.

s28319 Adhesives -  Crystal Clay - Black
s28325 Adhesives -  Crystal Clay - White

Bird Beads

Special Request – we hustled these into this week’s update – Bird Beads Navy Blue and Matte Denim Blue.

s62517 Glass Beads - 11.5mm Coin with Bird - Navy Blue (Strand 15)
s62518 Glass Beads - 11.5mm Coin with Bird - Matte Denim Blue (Strand 15)

And we have a bunch more of the strands of metal beads in brushed silver. Plated fine silver over a copper base, these beads are hollow and lightweight – although stringing hollow beads is mildly annoying as the needle goes in one side and then hunts around to find the hole and come out the other side, just in time for you to get your finger in the way and stab yourself. At least the potato-chip shaped curvy disks don’t have that problem!

s23438 Metal Beads - 16mm Puff Hearts - Brushed Silver (strand)
s61148 Metal Beads - 20mm Curvy Disk - Brushed Silver (strand)
s61150 Metal Beads - 12mm Lentil - Brushed Silver (strand)
s61152 Metal Beads - 7mm Faceted Stardust Cathedral - Bright Silver (strand)

And these small, metal beads are always popular – they make a great accent bead.

s61149 Metal Bead - 3mm Faceted Cube - Brushed Silver (strand)
s62408 Metal Bead - 2.3mm Faceted Cube - Antiqued Silver (Hill Tribe) (strand)
s62409 Metal Bead - 3x1.4mm Faceted Heishi - Antiqued Brass (strand)
s62410 Metal Bead - 3x1.4mm Faceted Heishi - Bright Copper (strand)

And you might need some big headpins to go with that too.

Findings – Headpins – 3in / 22ga Stacked Balls – Bright Silver (20)

Headpin – 3.25in / 22ga Ball – Bright Silver (Pack)

s61155 Findings - Headpins - 3in / 22ga Stacked Balls - Bright Silver (20)
s62298 Headpin - 3.25in / 22ga Ball - Bright Silver (Pack)

We’ve also added the 18gauge coloured Aluminum wire to our online stock. This is good for providing structure to larger wire wrap, or making small armatures. Aluminum wire is very soft and easily bent, so not so good for hanging heavy weights, (i.e. don’t hang plants off it), but strong enough for jewelry applications. It has a colour-lacquer finish for vibrant colours, or various metal looks.

74720002-16 Aluminum Wire - 18ga Round Wire - Pale Copper Color (30 feet)
74720002-15 Aluminum Wire - 18ga Round Wire - Red (30 feet)
74720002-11 Aluminum Wire - 18ga Round Wire - Purple (30 feet)
74720002-01 Aluminum Wire - 18ga Round Wire - Gold Color (30 feet)

You can Review all the new stuff here!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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