Steel Yourself

Steel yourself. Stainless is coming.

A fresh new wind of change is blowing!

Are you looking for a durable, low-maintenance, tarnish-proof, hypo-allergenic metal choice for making fun, durable jewelry? Beach jewelry. Travel Jewelry. Kids jewelry. Tough jewelry.

Or you just like the look of it! There are plenty of reasons to look at Stainless Steel! With over 60 new items added, we think we have a pretty good line-up of stainless steel findings and beads and chains for your beading dreams.

Headpins & Eyepins

26001400-15 Findings - 25mm Ball Headpins - Stainless Steel (50)
26001400-13 Findings - 40mm EYEpins  - Stainless Steel (100)


26001400-07 Findings - 10mm Jumprings  - Stainless Steel (75)
26001400-04 Findings - 5mm Jumprings  - Stainless Steel (100)


26001400-03 Findings - 15x9mm Lobster Clasp - Stainless Steel (8)
26001400-00 Findings - 10x6.5mm Lobster Clasp - Stainless Steel (10)


26001400-59 Chain - 2.9x2.4mm Rolo Chain - Stainless Steel (1 meter)
26001400-56 Chain - 1.5x1.2mm Rolo Chain - Stainless Steel (1 meter)


26001400-31 Findings - 5x10mm Spacer Bead Donut - Stainless Steel (8)
26001400-27 Findings - 6mm Spacer Bead Round - Stainless Steel (20)

Crimps and Ends

26001400-44 Findings - 2.5mm Crimp Beads - Stainless Steel (50)
26001400-47 Findings - 9mm Folding End Crimp - Stainless Steel (15)


26001400-35 Findings - 12x8mm End Cap - Stainless Steel (6)
26001400-33 Findings - 10x5.5mm End Cap - Stainless Steel (8)


26001400-51 Findings - 10mm Pinch Bail - Stainless Steel (8)
26001400-50 Findings - 9mm Pinch Bail - Stainless Steel (10)


26001400-22 Findings - 6x4.5mm Earring Clutch - Stainless Steel (50)
26001400-19 Findings - 12x17mm Earring Leverbacks - Stainless Steel (8)

And other useful stuff.

26001400-39 Findings - 17mm Bar Pin Brooch - Stainless Steel (10)
26001400-20 Findings - 8x5mm Bail Pin with Cup - Stainless Steel (12)

With now over 100 stainless steel items in total, we have a full line-up to get you going!

QuickCure Clay

You are clearly as excited about this new product as we are! In case you missed it last week, QuickCure Clay is a pliable clay that cures rock hard in minutes with just the use of a heat tool – like a craft heat gun. No need for a kiln or firing. It is stronger than polymer clay or air-dry clay – and does not require mixing. It does not dry out, and will not harden until cured.

4oz and 8oz packages now online!

s62877 Ranger - 4oz QuickCure Clay - Natural White (Pack)

Bulk Bags of Carrier Beads. A lifetime supply! 20% off!

s58765 Finding -  Acrylic Carrier Beads - Black (500 grams)  <font color="#FF0000">Special Deal</font> 20% off!”/></a></figure>

<figure class=s58766 Finding -  Acrylic Carrier Beads - Clear (500 grams)  <font color="#FF0000">Special Deal</font> 20% off!”/></a></figure>

<p>Don’t forget the Manager’s Specials – <a href=over 550 specially selected items on sale – with savings up to 70% off!

Review all the new stuff here!!!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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