Tucson: If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be The Best Bead Show

Hard to believe I’ve been here for five days already, going from one bead show to another every day. Today I covered the Tucson Best Bead Show, the best (IMHO) of the retail bead shows. This is a lampworked bead bonanza, second only to an ISGB conference. Most of the “big names” in the lampworking world are here: Milon Townsend, Leah Fairbanks, Sharon Peters, Akihiro Okhama to name the first few that pop into my head. Check out Beau Tsai’s gallery if you want to see some exquisite seascapes. www.beautsai.com The foreign gallery owners were packing his booth and almost …

Coming Up Next Week

As I am away in the sunny Dominican Republic right now I going to make this short and sweet! We have a few classes next weekend: Wire Bead Crochet Basics with Stephanie Dixon on Saturday February 14th,this class is almost full so I would book now! Introduction to Chinese Knotting with Angela Peace This coming weekend, February 7th, is Heather Bell-Denison’s Charmed I’m Sure And we have a Lampworking Weekend with Amy Waldman-Smith on February 7th and 8th. Hope that everyone has a great week. Blog you next week. Happy Beading

Valentines Day Open Beading

It’s a cupcake party! Join us on February 14th, from noon to 3pm for a special open beading session (bead n’ bitch) in the studio. Bring in a beading project, and a batch of your favourite cupcakes for a taste test. We’ll take pics, and post your creations up on the blog. I’ll whip up a batch of red velvet cupcakes to share. I hope you can join us! There is a class going on that day, so we have to spread out around the store….beads and cupcakes…what could possibly be better? 🙂

The Mad Strangler Rides Again, or How to attach a chain end to a rhinestone chain

Occasionally – we get asked – just what do you do with rhinestone chain – so that you can actually USE it! I mean – it’s sparkly and all – but how do you attach it so something? After all – the bling don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got a ring – to hing it from. 😉 That’s what these little doo-hickeys are for – rhinestone chain ends. Alrighty – you say – but how do you attach them! Picture the chain end with the loop as the mad strangler. He sneaks up behind the innocent and unsuspecting …

Ah! Tucson!

It’s my first full day here in bright, sunny warm Tucson. Well, actually the locals don’t think it’s very warm, but heck 18C is plenty warm enough for me. Today was the opening day for the Gem Mall. This is a wholesale-only show and one of the largest of the 40-odd gem, mineral and bead shows. Imagine if you will, two huge tents – one about the size of a footfall field and the other about 2/3 that. They sell everything from precious gems, semi-precious stones, pearls, finished jewellery, glass beads from Czechoslovakia, China and India, Sterling, base metal findings, …

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Open House @ Nortel this Weekend!

No, not THAT Nortel! The Nortel that makes our awesome torches, and supplies us with tons of cool flameworking glass and supplies. The open house will be today, Jan 30 and Saturday the 31st . Dwyn, myself, along with other artists have been invited to come and demo – so if you have any questions, you can come down and ask in person. They will have a full range of torches set up, so if you want to try out a new one, this would be the time to do it! They will have specials on glass, and other artists …

Class Correction

We made a fairly big mistake in posting a couple of Nadine’s classes. Nadine’s Dancing Dahlia class is actually coming up first on February 28th. Dancing Dahlia Brooch with Nadine Foskin 10am to 1pm And Nadine’s wildflower pendant is on March 7th! Wild Flower Pendant with Nadine Foskin 2pm to 5pm Sorry for the confusion!

February is almost here!!

I know that it is still winter, but the arrival of February usually makes you feel little better. February means that Spring is almost here and on that note we have some very “Springy” Nadine Foskin classes coming up. Saturday February 28th from 10-1pm is the Wildflower Pendant Saturday March 7th is the Dancing Dahlia’s Brooch class. This is an absolutely beautiful brooch and a must take class. Don’t forget Nadine also has an Introduction to Bead Stringing class on the 26th of February. The month of February is jammed packed. In the first week there 4 classes. Dwyn Tomlinson’s …