Bead Knitting is big at the K-W Knitter’s Fair!

Our first show of the fall season was technically speaking not a bead show, but a knitting show. The Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair is arguably the largest knitting-oriented retail show in Canada, drawing at least 1600 eager buyers from as far away as Ottawa, Montreal and upstate New York. There were only 70 vendors at this show spread over two large halls. This may seem small by bead show standards but, after all, yarn takes up a lot more space than beads do! BeadFX had a small booth selling beads and buttons for knitting and bead-knitting related books and tools. We …

Site of the Week: If you sell on

Then you probably want to know about this site. gives you access to your stats in a slightly more comprehensive style than etsy does – showing you at a glance which of your items has been favourited (heart’ed) and compared to the number of views. It also shows who has favourited (heart’ed) you too. A very useful little tool!

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Next week – we’ll be at the Oasis show, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and so, in order to give the gals time to pack stuff for the show, we’ll not be doing an update next Wed. But, the good news is that the sale on 4 mm Swarovski Bicones will continue for 2 weeks, instead of the usual one. After that, we’ll be resuming our regular schedule, with some lovely new sterling clasps coming, and some kool base metal clasps too! Hope to see you at the show. However, our Scarborough store will remain open as usual. And, you put …


Mark October 17 to 19, 2008 on your calendars for the CreativFestival – formerly the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. As usual, it will be at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto. We will be there this year, and we will be doing some great demos and working with Swarovski to present some fabulous projects. Come on down and see us and see the sparklies.

New Toy

This is entirely Dwyn’s fault. Yes, I must place the blame completely on her..Ok, well not so much. About a year ago, Dwyn and I were talking about those cool die cut machines that are used for scrapbooking. Neither of us do any scrapbooking at all, and really couldn’t imagine a use for this expensive, but really, really cool machine. We’ve both been coveting one though. Yesterday, during an impromptu meeting regarding the our plans to redecorate the studio along with improving organization and lighting (YAY!) – we discovered that this nifty die cutter, also cuts vinyl. – We found …

Stephanie Dixon Class

The staff got a little preview of Stephanie Dixon’s Crochet with metal class. What happened was, we posted the class to our customers, and I then discovered that the class had completely filled up with staff! – no room for customers! That didn’t seem fair at all, so I pulled all the staff out, and brought in Stephanie to teach just the staff. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it that day, but I heard the class was a huge, huge success. Rosemary reports that they got quite rambunctious in the classroom – tons of giggles and laughter were heard through the …

New Ads

Dwyn and I have been concocting some new slogans to use in our ads. Sometimes, we may get a little carried away. These sessions usually involve lots of laughter, and the slogans get a little more ‘risque’ each time. Sometimes, we think we’ve come up with an awesome slogan, until other staff members point out that it may be a little out there. Which of the following do you like best? Or have we finally lost it? 🙂 – It’s ok, we can take it!

Five Things you need to know to make jewelry – Part 3

Ok, now I’m getting a little out of order here. This week, instead of presenting them in the order I initially did, I’ve skipped ahead, because, er, this is the video I have ready. As you may remember, I speculated that you really needed to know only about 5 things to make most basic jewelry, strung necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. I’ve already covered a basic secure knot, and how to crimp. This week, I want to show you how to do a wrapped loop. A wrapped loop is a very secure way to attach a bead, as there is no …

Take a Look at this Dragon

Just take a look at this dragon, how amazingly beautiful is this? Are beads not the perfect representations of a dragon’s glittering scales. Can you imagine the work in this? Breathtaking. Winner of the sculptural art category of the Treasures of Toho beading contest.

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Marg musta used a dump truck to bring back her last haul – we got more stones here. Some really big ones too – you might want to start working out so you can lift these suckers. Those are 18 mm rondelles – Porcelain Jasper. Or how about these Red Tiger Eye beads – which are 50 mm long!!!! Or this Kamabara Jasper Coin – which is also 50 mm across. Doubles as a coaster! Yep its a load of stone for next week. Better start lifting weights in preparation!