Late update!

I haven’t posted in a while. The kitchen is taking much longer to complete than planned…way longer.We are holding off for a bit on the renovations. We have recently found out that our next door neighbour is moving out!! We are going to be taking over that unit. Our new store/studio is going to be a total of 2500 sq. ft! Whohoo. Jennifer


Aaack…ok things are moving fast now! The electrician is almost finished. We have no power at all right now. He has to come back when the landlord is here to connect our new panel to his panel. We’ve picked out the kitchen, and Dan and I are going to purchase it in a few minutes. The handyman/plumber guy is coming tomorrow! (we hope) Pics of the now disaster zone will come tomorrow. jen

Still here!

We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, and the electrician was pushed back a bit. He was actually supposed to come in yesterday, but we discovered that the job wasn’t a simple as we originally thought (I should have expected that!)He’s now coming on Monday or Tuesday…can’t remember now, with additional panels and such. Also, kitchen shopping this weekend! The classroom is getting a new kitchen/coffee area. Since we’re of course attempting to do this on a modest budget, I’ll be building it myself….now THAT should be interesting! jen

Next Step

We haven’t stopped the process! We were at the Bead Oasis show this past weekend, and our attention was focused on that.Next week, I’m hoping to start building the new kitchen, and we’ll probably have the electrician in next week as well. see you soon! jennifer

Painting is Done!

Step 1 is now complete! This is so exciting, next steps are putting in new lighting, building a small kitchen area, getting in the electrican, and the phone guy. Then all new furniture for the classroom and an admin area. It’s not huge, but is much bigger than it looks in this picture. Here is a pic of the finished paint job, except for the floor. The floor just has a coat of primer. The floor was to be done today, but it needs about a week to completely cure.All told, this part was fairly painless.More in about a week!


Well, Dan, John and I were able to pretty much get the classroom emptied out yesterday…I can’t believe how much junk accumulates over time. I’m just absolutely frightened imagining what we may find in the main store/studio. Jerry, our painter was supposed to arrive sometime between 10 and 11am today. I usually get into the shop around 10am, so this was perfect. The phone rings at home at just after 8am this morning. It’s Jerry, and of course he’s at the shop! Ummmm…..yikes. I asked him to go grab a coffee, and I hurried in.Janice was in already when I …

Renovation has begun!

We’re renovating! After 6 years of steady growth we have begun to seriously outgrow our current space. We have been waiting patiently for the adjacent unit to become available to double our space. While we’re waiting, we’ve decided to completely redo our store and offices. Here you can follow along with the pure $%#@ of renovations. 🙂 We’ll be posting pictures, funny stories, scary stories, and simply keeping our friends and customers up to date on our progress. Sunday morning, Dan and I will be hauling out loads of furniture, fixtures, and other goodies for storage, along with 6 years …