Resin rocks! Exploring the possibilities!!

Resin rocks, does not necessarily mean rocks made out of resin, but wouldn’t they be cool? It’s more a comment about all of the amazing surfaces that you could either make, or cover in resin. Okay, let’s talk about real resin rocks (heh, heh….is that like natural dyed?)! Find a nice, flat bottomed rock, and then make a mold out of it, with 2-part Silicone Putty. Mix up some resin; colour it either natural or wild; then pour into the mold. Wait 12 hours, and remove your faux rock from the mold (it cures completely in 72 hours)! Why you …

Stretchy bracelets and glittery bits! Are they simple, complicated, or just plain fun?

What do you think when you hear the words “stretchy bracelets and glittery bits”? Are they just for kids; part of a simple, crafting exercise; or a party favour? Just plain fun; or a quick way to inject more colour into your life? Either simple or sophisticated, it’s your choice, and you be the judge!

I’m not normally tempted to make stretchy bracelets and glittery bits, but should I be? I design fast and easy projects (see the BeadFX “Inspirations Gallery”), so why avoid making something so incredibly simple? I need to try this!

stretchy bracelets and glittery bits
Joy – Dwyn Tomlinson – BeadFX Inspiration


My vow is to make at least one of these bracelets in the next few weeks. How can I possibly write a blog post about something that I’ve never made, and don’t really know that much about? The internet, of course! It’s the answer to everything! Plus, I work in a bead store, and people kept asking me how to make them, so I had to do a little research. You know, because that’s just what I do!!!

Fairy Magic – Dwyn Tomlinson – BeadFX Inspiration

You Tube is probably the first place to check out (tons of videos), but I like this blog post from The Spruce. There’s just something about simple written instructions, that seem to sink into my brain easier!

They use another type of stretch cord, but you could substitute any of the ones found on our website. Their example is made with seed beads, but I’m more likely to substitute other stones and beads. Stay away from bugle beads, and anything else that’s likely to cut through the elastic.

Stretchy bracelets and glittery bits
Purity – Dwyn Tomlinson – BeadFX Inspiration


I wonder how many bracelets I will make, and what they’ll look like? Single, double, or wrapped? Semi-precious stones, Czech fire polish, or hand made lampwork, polymer clay, or ceramic beads? Should I throw in a few metal beads? What type of bead should I use to hide the knot (or do you really need to hide it?)? A surgeon’s knot for safety, and then a drop of either G-S Hypo Cement (I love the precision applicator!), or E6000 to prevent slippage.

Make a colourful armload of these stretchy bracelets and glittery bits! Stack them, layer them, and just plain enjoy them!! No design headaches and dilemmas allowed! Make them, wear them, and when you’re tired of them, cut them apart and re-make into something else! This is the summer of simple, uncomplicated colour and fun!

Colouring your creativity! Exploring a world full of possibilties.

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Beads interrupted – A journey in second chances!

What will happen to all of your beads interrupted projects? You know, the ones that you purchased with the best intentions, but didn’t get time to work on yet! The ones hidden in boxes, or playing hide and seek, inside their original paper bags. Bead ownership is such a responsibility!! Don’t you dare let anyone send your stuff to the thrift store (better to will them to a crafty friend or relative)! All is not lost! Grab the initiative, then develop some beads interrupted plans. No, not like a real business plan (what would be the fun in that?), but …

May bead mat update: Toddling right along!

You might not know it, but my May bead mat update, is actually a snapshot of me doing everything and nothing! Seriously, I do know what I want to do (well maybe?), but I still want to experiment. I’m not afraid of hard work, but I am deathly afraid of being bored, so that’s why I jump around so much. Is that what mixed media is all about? I’ve hardly touched my bead embroidery for months, and there’s still that little purple doll hanging about. I won’t show her in my May bead mat update, but wouldn’t it be nice …

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I woke up thinking about paper, metal, fibre and beads! What did you wake up to? Isn’t it funny how often dreams can trigger new directions in our work? Okay, full disclosure! I spotted something on Pinterest, that caused me to get sucked into the rabbit-hole, and explore new (to me) options. Unfortunately, I lost my reference photo, but that doesn’t matter, because it got me to thinking about utilizing a combination of paper, metal, fibre and beads in some of my future work (the following photo of my cuffs, includes paper, metal and resin, but that’s not really what …

Follow your muse: You never know where she (or he) will lead you!

Now I didn’t really mean me, but rather the muse inside of you! You know, the one directs your creative self. Remember to follow your muse! Of course, if you still want to follow me, then that’s okay too! When I say follow your muse, I mean that if your inner voice is telling you to do something, then run, not walk, and experience all that your creativity has to offer. What could it hurt? (Note: The above doll is named Fibrella, and yes, she does have a crown of needles!) I know that your muse will sometimes lead you …

Shades of grey and delicious: In a beady sense!

Shades of gray surround us, after a brief taste of warmer weather! Mother Nature insists on playing around, so it might be time to embrace this neutral, and welcome it into our beady lives! According to “The color gray is an unemotional color. It is detached, neutral, impartial and indecisive – the fence-sitter. From a color psychology perspective, gray is the color of compromise – being neither black nor white, it is the transition between two non-colors. The closer gray gets to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes. The closer it gets to silver or white, the …

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Do you question your own creative ideas? Do your components overwhelm you with a finishing dilemma? Its natural! All your components really need is time, and a little haphazard fondling! Take my flame enamelled beads, for example (finished in Ann Shewan’s-Painting with Fire workshop last Sunday). I made a whole wack of them, but now what do I do? Is it too early to consider them a finishing dilemma? Perhaps, but I do have a few preliminary ideas. The majority of the beads are in my favourite blue/green (with a little raspberry thrown in for good measure) colour scheme. I …

April bead mat update – Let’s celebrate spring!

Spring is here, and with it comes a return to creativity! Dark winter days fry my brain cells, but the muse knows when she needs to re-energize! It’s well past time to create, and my April Bead Mat Update was due! Good Friday was a perfect day in Toronto (the best day of the long weekend)! What better way to spend it, than to take a trip to the beach, to collect bits and pieces? About time, I say! Good company, sunshine, not much wind, driftwood, stones, friendly puppies, and free parking! What more could a girl ask? To win …