Deals Juicier than that Turkey!

Gobble up these bargains because I can’t guarantee that there will be left overs! Juicy golden premium Amber! More golden than that turkey, and guaranteed not to put you to sleep. Or add pounds. Because one of the nice things about amber is how lightweight and warm it is! Gobble these up at 40% off! You know you’ve been eyeing these! Got a crafty friend, niece, auntie? Want to get them involved in your favourite pastime? Buy them a Discovery Kit – packed with the stuff you need to get them started. Also 40% off. – Black Friday special! Stops …


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One week left to stock up and save!

Are you preparing to hide when the winter storms hit? Better stock up on beads! Oh, yeah – canned goods and water too, but mostly beads, stringing stuff, findings, etc. And how great is it that we have a sale on everything – so you can get it all in one place! But just until Nov 8 – so don’t dawdle! And pick up some christmas gifts while you are at it – supplies to make gifts for those special people that will appreciate it – a few stocking stuffers for your creative friends, and maybe check out the Diamond …

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Just 12 hours left – to get your 25% off our stunning selection of Czech & Japanese Seedbeads Two hole Shaped Beads like superduos and MORE? Hot Fix and Flatback Rhinestones and glass cabs! This includes our BULK PACKAGES! Czech, Delicas, and Miyukis Metal Seedbeads! Bulk SuperDuos! Bulk Tee Beads Preciosa Flatbacks, Hotfix Rhinestone Trim! Buy Big! Save Big! Design Big. Save Now!

Start a new thread

Well – hasn’t the meaning of that changed in the last decade or so? If you told some one to start a new thread 20 years ago – you would have been talking sewing! And now it’s an online conversation. However, our crazy sale-making manager doesn’t care, and we have actual beading thread, on sale, 33% off!, in selected colors and sizes.? So go scoop yours up now before they are all gone! Save