June Bead Mat Update: Just playing around!

I almost forgot about my June bead mat update! I don’t believe that I almost missed it!!! Also, how did I forget to include my bead mat in the photos? Bad muse, bad!!! June has been a strange month. Excessive heat, cooling periods, pollen allergies, headaches, rain, flooding, storms, sunshine, clouds, hail, and all sorts of weird in-between weather. When you combine that with a heavy dose of annoying roadwork, it’s really quite depressing. But did that put a crimp in my creativity? Not likely! Well perhaps a wee bit, but I’m working to overcome it. I was busy on …

Stretchy bracelets and glittery bits! Are they simple, complicated, or just plain fun?

What do you think when you hear the words “stretchy bracelets and glittery bits”? Are they just for kids; part of a simple, crafting exercise; or a party favour? Just plain fun; or a quick way to inject more colour into your life? Either simple or sophisticated, it’s your choice, and you be the judge!

I’m not normally tempted to make stretchy bracelets and glittery bits, but should I be? I design fast and easy projects (see the BeadFX “Inspirations Gallery”), so why avoid making something so incredibly simple? I need to try this!

stretchy bracelets and glittery bits
Joy – Dwyn Tomlinson – BeadFX Inspiration


My vow is to make at least one of these bracelets in the next few weeks. How can I possibly write a blog post about something that I’ve never made, and don’t really know that much about? The internet, of course! It’s the answer to everything! Plus, I work in a bead store, and people kept asking me how to make them, so I had to do a little research. You know, because that’s just what I do!!!

Fairy Magic – Dwyn Tomlinson – BeadFX Inspiration

You Tube is probably the first place to check out (tons of videos), but I like this blog post from The Spruce. There’s just something about simple written instructions, that seem to sink into my brain easier!

They use another type of stretch cord, but you could substitute any of the ones found on our website. Their example is made with seed beads, but I’m more likely to substitute other stones and beads. Stay away from bugle beads, and anything else that’s likely to cut through the elastic.

Stretchy bracelets and glittery bits
Purity – Dwyn Tomlinson – BeadFX Inspiration


I wonder how many bracelets I will make, and what they’ll look like? Single, double, or wrapped? Semi-precious stones, Czech fire polish, or hand made lampwork, polymer clay, or ceramic beads? Should I throw in a few metal beads? What type of bead should I use to hide the knot (or do you really need to hide it?)? A surgeon’s knot for safety, and then a drop of either G-S Hypo Cement (I love the precision applicator!), or E6000 to prevent slippage.

Make a colourful armload of these stretchy bracelets and glittery bits! Stack them, layer them, and just plain enjoy them!! No design headaches and dilemmas allowed! Make them, wear them, and when you’re tired of them, cut them apart and re-make into something else! This is the summer of simple, uncomplicated colour and fun!

April bead mat update – Let’s celebrate spring!

Spring is here, and with it comes a return to creativity! Dark winter days fry my brain cells, but the muse knows when she needs to re-energize! It’s well past time to create, and my April Bead Mat Update was due! Good Friday was a perfect day in Toronto (the best day of the long weekend)! What better way to spend it, than to take a trip to the beach, to collect bits and pieces? About time, I say! Good company, sunshine, not much wind, driftwood, stones, friendly puppies, and free parking! What more could a girl ask? To win …

Boho Chic style: What is it? Is it still valid?

I certainly hope so, because I don’t plan to give it up, anytime soon! Boho Chic is relatively new (at its height in 2005), but it’s roots go much deeper, and will probably never go away. It was born out of the 60’s and 70’s, but in reality, goes back much further than that! According to so-sew-easy.com – “Boho is the shortened form of Bohemian. Bohemian is a wonderful word and an even more wonderful thing to be. It’s a French word derived from the term referring to gypsies, adventurous souls, artists and socially unconventional people, with an alternative lifestyle …

What’s on my bead mat – August edition!

What happened to summer? It’s certainly been hot and steamy, but how long will it last? Has anyone felt like doing any serious work? I’ve been lazing about, focusing on finishing off a few things, working on class samples, and dreaming up a few “Inspirations” for the store. The last time I tried to coat two of my larger alcohol ink projects in Ice Resin (a ceramic tile, and a small plate), I was quite disappointed. I followed all of the rules, but didn’t get complete coverage on my first try (once dry, the surface was pitted, and uneven). As …

Crazy for colour!

Ok, so I’m absolutely crazy about colour!!! Does that make me a bad person? No of course not, it just makes me a colourful one! Colour lights up my life, and has the power to chase away, any possible threats of grayer tomorrows! Although I’ve worshipped colour for years, it’s only now that I’m finally recognizing the fact that it’s totally necessary in my life. My uniform was heavy on basic black, during my corporate years, but my art has always been colour focused. Sure, I still wear the remnants of that uniform (it’s oh so practical, and hides a …

It’s time to pull the rabbit out of the hat!

Normally I’m pretty good with deadlines, but I seem to be struggling with ideas for this particular blog post. No single theme has popped into my head, so instead I’m going to free associate, wander about a bit, and see what happens. Please forgive me! I was re-stocking some of the hooks in the store the other day, and started wondering why people are not aware of (or have stopped using) some of the older types of beads. I know the instinct is to get in on the frenzy, and quickly snap up the new beads (including all of the …

What’s on my bead mat – June edition!

June has been an interesting month! The Canadian crew is back (exhausted) from the big Bead & Button show, but what have I been doing lately? Surprisingly, not all that much in the beading line! Other things kept distracting me, thus keeping me from my normal state of beaded bliss! Sigh! I did work on a couple of potential BeadFX “Inspirations”, and added wire to a Freeform Peyote beaded bead. I’m not that happy with the wire or accent beads, so I expect to make a few changes and/or modifications in the future. After abandoning her for a couple of …

Give what you’ve got!

Okay perhaps not everything, but it would be nice if you could consider giving a little to underprivileged youth. BeadFX is gathering jewellery donations on the behalf of the Corsage Project, a non-profit initiative to help high school students, who cannot afford to go to their own school proms. “In 2000, the Corsage Project was created in partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation to help young women attend their prom by providing them with a new dress, accessories and a mini makeover – all free of charge. In 2010, the program expanded to provide formal wear to young gentlemen” (information …