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The Beadful Life @ beadFX

A special warm and fuzzy welcome to all our Knitty-friends! If you have any questions about what bead goes with what wool weight - fire us an email at and we'll try and answer your question!

July 22nd, 2015

The Paws that refreshes ...

tc94-2420-26 Metal Charm -  Paw Charm - Antique Gold (1)

Pause for a moment, if you will - to contemplate those furry little beasties that tc94-2437-12 Metal Charm -  Number Charm - 7 (1)enrich our lives and ask so little in return. If you are charmed by a cat or a dog, then you might be charmed by these paw print charms - a new addition to our now inappropriately named "Charms - Silver Letters" page. These top-quality Tierracast charms are now no longer limited to Silver, or Letters. In fact tc94-2423-12 Metal Charm -  Letter Charm - Ampersand (1)- we have Numbers now too! And an tc94-2408-18 Metal Charm -  Earth Charm - Antiqued Copper (1)"and."

And the planet. Which is appropriate for those of you who want to save the world. Or conquer it.

tc94-2409-26 Metal Charm/Pendant -  Earth Pendant - Antique Gold (1)And if you are thinking of saving the world - but it is de-pendant on your schedule - then we have pendants too. Pendants or charms - I guess the difference is whether you hang it on a necklace or a bracelet? Also in Silver and Copper.

Atc94-6578-12 Metal Buttons -  Earth - Antiqued Silver (1)nd if you have this world-saving thing buttoned up - you guessed it - we have them in buttons too! Save the planet - collect the whole set!



3476532s45716 Swarovski Pendant - 44 mm Pure Drop (6532) with Trumpet Cap (Gold) - Blush Rose (1)3476532s45718 Swarovski Pendant - 44 mm Pure Drop (6532) with Trumpet Cap (Gold) - Smoky Quartz (1)Absolutely delightful this week too - more colours of the elegant Swarovski Pure Drop with cap. A lone pendant, or the elegant finishing touch to a beaded rope? New colours to drool over.

Also - if you are in a bit of a pinch - Pinch Beads! If you took a soft oval - and pinched it between two fingers, plus one finger from the other hand - to squeeze it is45648 Glass Drops - 3 x 5 mm Pinch Beads - 24 K Gold Plated (strand 50)nto a long triangle - you would have pinch beads. No idea if that is how they got their name - just throwing it out there! s45649 Glass Drops - 3 x 5 mm Pinch Beads - Matte Turquoise Apollo (strand 50)Only 6 colours so far - but you know how it is - more colours will come! (Plus those gold ones are pretty awesome!)

tb1by857f Japanese Seedbeads - #1 Toho Bugles - Frosted Turqoise Apollo HybridWell - I guess I've bugled on long tb1by306 Japanese Seedbeads - #1 Toho Bugles - Antique Ivory Picasso Hybridenough - oh look - new Size #1 Toho Bugles! s45629 Glass Beads - 13 x 14 mm Rose Petal - Antique Gold Ruby (25)So I will let you get back to gathering Rose Petals whilst ye may!



If you are in town for the the Pan Am games, or killing time waiting for the Para Pan Am games (Go Canada - we rock!) and need a sparkle fix, and want to come into the best bead store in all of Canada (IMHO) - and see all the new stuff in person, we are easy to drive to or transit to - and we have free parking! Map and directions here!



Who are we? beadFX is a Canadian Bead Shop. We are both an online store and a “bricks and mortar” store. We are open to the public 7 days a week. We sell quality glass beads and findings to enthusiastic amateurs and discerning professionals. We love beads & jewellery and we use what we sell! There is no order minimum, but we do offer free shipping if your order is over $100 Canadian.

We are also lampwork/flamework enthusiasts — we make beads, we sell them, we teach, we sell supplies. We can help you set up a studio, teach you basic and advanced techniques, or rent you space to work in. We strive to deliver top-quality service, top-quality products, and fair prices. Who could ask for more?

So select a link to the left, or click here and come and see what we have to offer!


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