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Falling Leaves

Concrete & Rubies

Flora-Meta-Pendant Necklace

Meditation Beads

I want to Be-Leaf

Dragonfly Energy Bracelet

Triple Turquoise Treat

Tucson Sky

Floating Rocks

Tango in Tibet

The Carole Necklace

Ocean Pearls and Lava Dragons

Peachy Keen Jelly Bean

I Want Candy

Simplicity in Red - Two

A Bevy of Christmas Ideas

Dragonfly Stack

Simplicity in Red

Stacker Bracelets

Mocca Honey Bunny


Nile Waters

Laredo Lariet

Sticks and Stones

Dark Amber Glory

Midnight Lavendar Necklace

Bubble Leather Bracelet

Southwest Leather Bracelet

Big Blue

Jiggles and Pearls

Fire & Ice

Flutterby Stories: Pendant Necklace

Chained in Copper

Thorn in My Side

Hanging Up My Heart

Brandy Meet Onyx, Onxy Meet Brandy

Twinsie at the Beach

Pearly White

Fired Up Spikes

Pagoda Earrings

Greener Pastures


Hard Sun

Wrapped in Midnight

Dainty Heart

Simply Stunning

Festive Sea Urchin

He Said She Said

Royal Maille


Holiday Gift Ideas

Honey & Champagne

Say It Like It Is!

Wire Braid Bangle & Necklace

Simply Grey

Trick or Treat

Maritime Wharf

Double Metallic

Stretching Coral

Dragonfly Dreams

Emerald City

Iridescent Wrap

Dragonfly Links

Swish, Sway, & Tassel Away

Flowers and Sun

Caribbean Waves


Pip Jangles

Purple Picasso



Mermaid's Dress

Pink Princess

Sweet, Sweet Rosebuds

Pip The Magic Dragon: Bracelet!

Dawn in the Misty Garden

Sun Drops

Green Turtle Earrings


Pip, Pip, Hooray !

Tanzanite Jellies

Green Tiger

Colour Me Happy

Bringing Spring Home

Jelly Bean Dream

Golden Light

Dog Tooth Single Ladder Bracelet

Dog Tooth Double Ladder Bracelet

The Cuff Stuff

Eye of Horus

Sweetheart Keyfobs

What A HOOT!

Moroccan Sunset

Copper Crystal Floats

"Leaf" My Leftovers Alone!

Rosaline's Journey

Gaultier Hip

Horsey Set

Rock N' Pearl

Kumi Ladder Bracelet

Hammered Shine

Christmas Time


Swarovski Snowflake Earrings

Dragon's Tail

Spike It Up


Tawny and Turquoise

Puptown Funk

It's All About Him

Twisted Sisters

Scarabaeus Flash

Sunset After The Storm

Orbitting Glitter Bracelet

Captured Pearls

Peacock Scarabaeus

The Last Stitch of Summer

Pointed Pastel

Double Headed Serpent Belt

Of Sand and Surf

Tied Up In Knots

We Will Never Be Royal

Bronzed Beauty

Sea Cruise

Leathered Elegance

To Zig or To Zag?

Spiked in Gold

Black Lightning

Chunky Rose

A Simple Metal Mix

Infinitely Pink

Golden Pearls and Swirls

Cirque du Spring

Are You Back From Miami?

Simple Sparkle

What to Wear in my Blue Bel Air

Crystals On Me Eye-Wear

Pearl Cocktail

Blue Lagoon

Black Orb Night

Like a Rock

Star and Stripes

Through the Web

Fairy Hat


Treasures From the Sand

Burgundy for Burgundy

Earrings Andantino

Pointedly Feminine


Sand on the Snow

You are a Star

A Bevy of Bracelets

Tucson Tapestry

Rhinestone Cowgirl

Rolo et Coin

Fit for a Queen

Mix it Up

Ring Royale

Soft Silver Simplicity

Wreathed in A Smile

Bonne Chat Bad Cat

Shimmy and Shake

Winter is Coming

Classy Christmas Trees

Tucson Dreams

Black and White

Rhine Between the Lines

Blame it Too

Princess of Persia

African Jade Queen

Purple and Pleased

1-2-3 Daisy

Blue Dragon


Fairy Magic

Shake it up for Fall

No Hassle Tassel

Chain Reaction

Walk Like an Egyptian

Celebrating the Jewels of India

Champagne on Ice

Saharan Sands

Southwest Shield

Good Things in Small Packages

Rings of Saturn

From the Source

Sweetheart Stampede

Braided Charm

Fear of Commitment

Play Dress Up

Chain Gang

Summer and Spice

Just Around the Curve

Stepping across the Bay

Drops of Sky

Delhi Jelly

All Buttered Up

Playing in Van Goghs Garden

Ring of Power

Knotty Koi

Message Me

French Twist

And thats a Wrap

Skulls and Snakes

Pearls and Diamonds

Sparkle On!

A Spray Bouquet

A Coiling We will Go

Made in Heaven

Summer Stones

Trash to Treasure 2

Jelly Belly

Cherries Margarita

Something from the East

Stones and Sterling

Pretty in Pink

Night at the Opera

Queens Key


Violet Sunflower

Sticking With Pearls

Pirates Treasure

Pink Punk Princess

Blame it on Rosemary

Handsome Ahoy

Organic Leaves

Boho Beauty

Heart of the South West

Digging for Treasure


Juicy Fruit

Cactus Cocktail

Copper Spiral Bracelet

Rose Gold Sparkle Collar

Thinking of the Beach

Shooting Stars

Simplicity in Metal

Software / Hardware

Punch it Up

Dangerously Beautiful

Pearl Me Turquoise

Pirate Ring

Day of the Dead

Royal Gala

For All Seasons

Skulls Rock

Ancient Inspiration



Encircle My Heart

Inner Animal

The Lady-like Rebellion

Friendship Moon

Jet Set

Round Up

Northern Heart

Trash to Treasure

Painted Desert

Winter Glam


Night Before Christmas

Live Life Large

Cafe Turquoise

Heavy Metal

Circle the Wagons

Winter Wears White


Rondelles and a Donut

Red Snowflakes

Puppy Paws

Tickle Me Pink

The Bright Side of Winter

Falling for Fall

November Bling

Pumpkin Queen

Along Came a Spider

Skull Boy Bracelet

Mostess Ghostess

Boris the Spider Earrings

Spidey on a Pumpkin

Batty for Halloween

October Star


50 More Shades of Grey

Cafe La Iron Zebra

Messy Chic

River Pebbles

Antique Summer

Mall Survival


Poe-try in Motion

Fairy Kiss


Ring a Bling Bling

Beach Baby

Bling it On

Fashion Watch

One Tough Ombre

The Origin of Life

Really Hooked on Leather

Hooked on Leather

Cuff Bangle Bling

Key to the Future

Gold Rush One

Gold Rush Too

Rolo Unchained

She Sells Seashells

Ivory & Sticks


Nouveau Kephri

Mermaids Choice

Sterling Swing

Blue Nile

Modern Archeology

Posy Heart

In the Neck of Time

A Long Way to Spring

Sweet Valentine

50 Shades of Grey

Lordy Lordy Lordy

Cowbell Bling

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Ladies Dancing

Bling in the New Year

Swan a Swimming

True Love Lays a Goose Egg

Fiiiiive Golden Rings

Four Calling Birds

Three French Hens

Two Turtle Doves

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Whats Up Pussycat

Leafy Vines

Chain Me Up

Oooo Christmas Trees

Ancient Trade

Turquoise Treat

Christmas Trees

I Heart Angels

Snow Angels

Santa Drops In

The Spirit of Giving

Leaves of Copper

MoonGlow over Miami

For Me Oui

Maga Kumi

Forever Flame

After Midnight

Just for You Sir

For Us


Mr Carnelian


Mucho Muzo

Pink Gold

Night Light

Another Fine Mesh

An Old Flame

Asian Inspiration

Butterfly - Flutterby

Pink Cotton Candy

Summer Party

Ice Crystal

Fairy Drops

Fairy Lights

Mr Beau Bangles

Jungle Love

Swing Dance

Stepping Out

Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!

Purple Rose

All that Glitters

Purple - Meet Turquoise

Citrus Berry

Happy Spring

Nosy Posy

Down on the Farm


Breath of Spring

Blue Jeans

Breezy Heart

Tubing Around

Lock and Key

Hearts Ablaze

Renaissance Splendor

Vintage Romance

Irony Earrings

Irony Necklace

Pear Tree


French Hens

Four Calling Birds

Golden Rings

Geese A Layin

Swans a' Swimming

Milky Made

Ladies Dancing

Ten Lizards Leaping

11 Pipers

Drummers Drumming

World's Easiest Necklace

The Last to Fall

Bluebird of Happiness

Fashion Forecast

Create for the Cure


Autumn Glory

Belle Epoque

Silver Pod Necklace and Earrings

Blue By You

Tucson Treasure

Victorian Secret

Autumn Bliss

Royal Star

Phoenix Tears

Three Coins in a Fountain

Magic Mirror


Smokey Mountains

Royal Sceptre

Dark Garden

Inspired by You

My Secret Life

Mod a Go-Go

Diamond Dreamz


Rosey Posey

Easy Chic


Purple Sage

Cottage Garden

Shabby Chic

Starlight Express

May Flowers

Easiest Ring in the World

Bird's Nest Earrings

Mixed Metals

Simply Riveting

Significant Ring

Glitter Girl

Most Harmonious

Random Acts of Violets

Are the Stars Out Tonight

Copper Love


Burst of Colour

Brave Heart

Tucson Sun

Sweet Berry Surprise

The Zen of Spring - Growth

The Zen of Spring - Water

Magic Meadow

Black Beauties

Moon Madness

Class Act

Beam Me Up

Night at the Opera

Firey Sun

Marvellous Mumbai


Copper Time

Button Me Up

Rhinestone Snowflake Madness

Shades of Grey


Something Fishy This Way Comes

Crystal Adventure

Key to my Heart II


Esses and Oooohs!

Christmas Cactus Earrings

Flaming Torch Bouquet

Dark Matters

Storm at Midnight

Moonlight Sonata

First Impression

Earthy Links

Clusters of Pearls

Maple Cream

Moss Rocks

Insta Bracelet

Spring Greens

Eye Candy

Phoenix Rising

Chaos Theory

Dancing Dangles

Beads, Baubles, and Chain

Falling Leaves

Egyptian Treasure


Geraniums and Petunias

Ruby Love

Summer Wedding



Modern Love

All the Right Places


By the Sea

Splendor in the Pearl

Pacific Rainforest

Vintage Garden

It's all about the clasp

Aqua Shimmer

Romance in the Caribbean

Rule of Thirds

Copper Canyon

Simple Green

DaVinci Earrings

Dreaming of Spring

Key to My Heart

A Bite of Sky

Dancing Under the Night Sky

Jungle Mystery

Freeform Waves

Loopy Loops

Queen of Da Nile


Mars Attacks


A Splash of Seafoam

Mainly Metallic

Happy New Year

Midnight Toast

Getting Ready for 2010

Rapunzel's Necklace

Triple Treat

Winter Elm

Victorian Christmas

Fringe Mentality

Aqua & Opal

Chain Wrap

Kiss Me - I'm Adora-bull

Glam on a Dime - December Birthstone

Winsome Ears

Modern Modularity - Chains

Stormy Weather

Modern Modularity - OH MY Pendant

Flower Drop

Ruby Butterfly

Toledo Tuxedo

September Sapphire - Birthstone Project

A Gift from Malliga

Head Lights

Ruby Queen

Ruby Tuesday - July Birthstone

Starfish Beach Earrings

Dragon Phoenix Tiger


Summer Brights

Chains of Command

Garnished w Garnet - January Birthstone

Tell Tale Heart

Mixed Metals


Falling Leaves

Silver Serendipity

Square stitch bracelet

Pebble Beach

Sherry and Champagne

Wired Crystal Heart

Sterling Simplicity

Silent Night

Wreath Earrings

Let it Snow! Necklace

Retired Inspirations
We moved the retired inspirations to their own page. Retired but well-loved.

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